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Im having trouble with FBA. It's not loading retroarch (using the fba core)


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Whenever i try loading arcade games it wont (ex. Mega Man: The Power Battle). I tried playing my arcade game from using the rertroarch exe file and when i tried it and did not work.


Thanks in advance.

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Did not notice the error i made (;
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If it works in Retroarch and not in Launchbox then there is a disconnect in your Lanuchbox set-up.

Go to Manage emulators and edit Retroarch. Click on the associated platforms tab and share a pic showing the arcade listing and the command line you have listed. What FBA core are you using and is it for the platform called "arcade" or for another platform name?

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42 minutes ago, Lugawigaming said:

Its the name of the platform and does not work retroarch and launchbox. im using the final burn alpha core not fba cps1 or neogeo.

My bad your first post said you tried from the Retroarch exe and it worked. 

Have you tried a different core. My version of Mega Man: The Power Battle works with the CPS1 core. 

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If the rom is not a bad dump you should be able to get it to work with one of the FBA cores or the Mame core in RA. I think there are at least 6 cores you can try. Or try it in Mame stand alone. Try them outside of Launchbox first to eliminate any possible error in your Launchbox settings. 

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