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  1. Would be very interesting to know your opinions.
  2. Cool, guess i don't need to continue on my search. I'll try to upload some covers.
  3. I'm actually trying to find a media database of these images currently. so if this feature eventually comes it'll make it easier to transition to.
  4. Its more of a discussion i wanted about it and i've already done the bitbucket thing but i guess i could link it: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5627/3d-model-box-art-carts-disc there's also this one: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4772/possibly-integrate-simple-3d-rendering-for
  5. Basically, i want to see a feature for 3D models to make a wheels like this: and it'd be an awesome to have it and i can i see a lot of potential with this.
  6. I have a request!: Can we have a Mass Game Length Scraper so we can have the game length of every game? Btw really love this plugin! Really appreciate the hard work you're putting in this.
  7. @BoneRoller Visual Pinball
  8. NES and SNES. before the latest beta it didn't work (i just updated)
  9. Ok i just tested all out again it's fixed itself. i don't know how but it fixed itself
  10. No i meant that when i launch retroarch from launchbox/bigbox the achievements from inside retroarch isn't displaying
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