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  1. @BoneRoller Visual Pinball
  2. NES and SNES. before the latest beta it didn't work (i just updated)
  3. Ok i just tested all out again it's fixed itself. i don't know how but it fixed itself
  4. No i meant that when i launch retroarch from launchbox/bigbox the achievements from inside retroarch isn't displaying
  5. Yeah so retroArch is not displaying Achievements while using Launchbox/BigBox Thanks to anybody in advance!
  6. For some reason the Snes9x core for retroarch isn't connecting to RetroAchievements. It works for every other core so i don't know the problem. Thanks in advance for whoever who helps me
  7. Yeah i was checking out other front ends than launchbox and came across RomShelf. Its a pretty simple UI while still looking good. Just for context here's how it looks like. So yeah i would love to make this myself but i'm not good at coding and i get easily confused from watching youtube tutorial videos.
  8. Nah just missing genres like (ex: Tile-Matching, Vertically Scrolling Shooter, Maze, Fixed Shooter, etc). It would be useful if launchbox would provide a huge list of all the genres that exists. Not that i'm complaining.
  9. Are you planning to update the logos? There are a few missing.
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