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a few big box (video) questions


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OK, i finally got my Big Box license, i got my premium Emu Movies account.  
I selected a few systems and did let it scrape everything it could find.  

So far so good but i noticed a few weird things.  

- 1: There seem to be 2 different types of videos, the normal gameplay videos from Emu Movies and then there are "Theme" videos which look like they are supposed to be used as background video only. Those seem quite rare and i think they come from LaunchBox, not Emu Movies? But with the default Theme that Big Bix comes with (i have not fooled around with custom themes yet) these videos are both played in the same spot, either the background OR in the game details screen, whichever i select in the video options.  
I can only tell it to prefer theme videos or not but is it possible at all to play the theme video in the background AND the gameplay video in the detail window at the same time? or does that depend on the theme?  
How do i get Big Box to differentiate between the two and only use each the proper one in the proper place?  

- 2: i noticed a weird glitch with the default Big Box theme. If i set the videos to play in the background and then scroll over the list of games, some games do not have videos so the gameplay screenshot appears in the game details (as it should), but then i select the next game, which again has a video that appears in the background, that gameplay screenshot from the last game won't go away.  ...i'm not using it like that, i just noticed the glitch and thought it might be worth reporting. 

- 3: how do you best manage the downloaded videos and music files within Big Box / LaunchBox? I don't see anything in the Edit dialog.  
And is there some convenient way to tell which games have missing audio/video media so i can manually go search for it? (not everything that is on Emu Movies is detected by LaunchBox, there are always some mismatches because of weird naming scheme differences, how would i best go about finding those?).

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1. Theme videos come from both Emumovies and Launchbox (BigBox Cinemtic Themes). I have not seen a way to specify which video is played in the background and which is played in the game details screen. Not sure if that is a BigBox code issue or one that can be specified in a custom theme. Hopefully one of our more knowledgable mods will confirm. 

2. That glitch has been reported before. I cannot remember if a solution was found. I would have to search for that thread. Try another theme and see if you get the same issue or try switching the video from VLC to Windows Media or vice versa. 

3. To manage music and videos to see what is missing in Launchbox choose a platform and then go to >tool>audit [name of platform]. The audit list will show you the video and music path of games having those files. Empty cells in those columns means no file. You can copy and paste that data into Excel to work of off. You can then bulk edit a selection of games and check only the box for music or videos (or both) and have LB search to see if that data is available. 

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