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Forgive me homies, for I have sinned...... (Uploaded some junk for approx 8 MS-DOS games)

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I've got quite a bespoke bunch of MS-DOS media stuff which I categorise differently to any 'normal' person in this world. I went a bit nuts with the 'Add To LaunchBox Database' plugin, before I remembered that my MS-DOS section is particular to me. I have a lot of alternative box covers all lumped into the "Box - Front - Reconstructed" folder rather than in regions for example. I also have screenshots of my Xpadder profiles under the "Arcade Controls Information" folder so the plugin upped those as well, and they won't be any good to anyone else lol, and various other junky bits and pieces in the "Fanart - Background" folder.

From memory, the games affected are:

  • MegaRace
  • Chex Quest 1, 2 and 3
  • Arya Vaiv
  • Xargon
  • Stargunner
  • Kiloblaster
  • Speed Haste
  • Redneck Rampage

So please, reject these at will. Accept my apologies. I do feel a dick.

Erm....I mean, I feel like a dick.

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Posted (edited)

No no. Just those MS-DOS games I listed above. I'm keeping away from that plugin now. My media is a bit leftfield for the LB Database.

I think I know the DS Games you're talking about though. Some dude was uploading 3D Boxes x3 for each game. He was using the plugin too. Ooof.

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Lol yep, it's a big mess at the moment, the plugin is a great initiative but this week it's clear it has some flaws which in the end does not seem to make it a quicker proces for everyone involved, sadly so. 


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