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Issues with custom platform Clear logos(Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set 2.2) ***FIXED***


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1362044062_logofolder.thumb.png.91e8bb05605df8b7ccaced10dee7fe75.png1860402291_platformwheel.thumb.png.4ba40664abf596c33e74cbef038402b7.pngHeya guys. I have changed up the logos for the great Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set 2.2. Just for now im working with the platform ones(Arcade.png Williams Classics.png etc etc) I am also using the Unified 1.1.1 theme and have moved the logos to the logo folder there in. I have renamed them to be correct name as the same with the platforms. I have quadruple checked this and i know they are correct. As i have refreshed the platform wheel images and the Arcade.png changed to the silver ring one i want. However the problem is that none of the other platform logos have changed to the silver ring ones, they remain the same as the unified ones. I have refreshed many times, exited come back in and still no change with any of the platforms except the arcade one. Its odd one works as changed but the res remain as the original ones for the theme. Any ideas as to why they wont change?  I am running latest 8.3 build as well on Win 10 64 should that matter.

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All of those other ones not working, did you import those as an actual platform or did you import Mame and have it "create missing playlists"? If you did the playlist thing than those are actually Playlists and not Platforms. Those logos would need to go in the \Launchbox\Images\Playlists\[Playlist Name]\Clear Logo folder. If you follow that path you should already see those playlist folders and would just need to drop the image files in them. 

Or you can also put it in the Theme folder as you did for the platform logo. The structure would be \Launchbox\Theme\Unified\Images\Playlists\[Playlist Name]\Clear Logo. If you do that most of those playlist folder names are not in Cid's theme by default so you would just need to create the folder name and than the Clear Logo subfolder. 

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that makes perfect sense to me hehe. I did do the import method and added the option to build those lists. So I will go give that a try and place them where you located above. Thanks a bunch, much appreciated Retro808

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@NIVO No worries. Let us know if you got it fixed or not. 

I recommend placing in the main Launchbox image folders in case you use other themes. By placing it directly in the theme folder they will only show for that theme. The theme way is a good option to use if you have a certain theme you want to only use certain style logos for. 

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Yes got it working. Good idea for image folder. I was simply following the instructions as to what was listed in the clear logo thread.  This what was posted there so you can see where i went wrong following it hehe.   "

Instruction :

Copy/past *.PNG file in your  ...\ LaunchBox \ Themes \ <Theme name> \ Images \ Platforms \ Clear Logo.
Rename the png file exactly as the name of the desired platform as in LaunchBox.
Launch "BigBox" and go into "option".
Refresh "wheel image cache". "


but all is well and thanks again.

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