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  1. no sir i havent seen that one. I was using a tutorial that legolas119 posted. I will have a look at the other. thanks!
  2. i cant get this folder to install on my arcade simply because i continually get an error code 0x800700E1 for the cmdow file and a few after that. only fix that comes up is to disable windows defender. i have even set a folder to be ignored by defender and it still wont let it pass. suggestions welcomed.
  3. so this same method would work for creating a Favorites list then?
  4. ok thx. That is a shame though, Hursty has made some animated wheel art that looks pretty spiffy
  5. as examples we can use ,jpg or .png. Is it possible to add for example .mp4 file support there as well? If so how do you add that file extension to bigbox to read it?
  6. ok dude, ill go grab i overlooked that. Apologies! Thanks for your efforts!
  7. heya dragon57 absolute awesome work dude. Is their a "Lightgun Games" ring coming to match the ones directly above this? Thanks.
  8. well i thought this was a list of small things users wanted. Didnt know it was a crap on my idea thread.
  9. All I want is native 4way/8way switching for servostik. No jumping through hoops or cobbled together solutions. Once LB/BB is updated to import current mame roms without missing any and databases are current of course. Then this could use that same database to auto switch 4/8 way. Dont need it added "today" but certainly in the near future.
  10. that little black screen is just minimized. if you actually put your cursor to it you can drag it open far enough to see the rest of the title bar so you can click the full window icon and no reboot or virus fix needed
  11. thx Replay ill have a look at that ok i doubt joystick_contradictory is what i need at all. -joystick_contradictory
  12. so looking forward to it. hes done a bang up job thus far so no worries! also hoping we see native support for servo-stik 4way/8way switching
  13. Yes great stuff upcoming. Looking forward to the results! 😀😀😀😀
  14. Agreed, doesnt ruin experience at all. Im using the .198 set as well. I think personally what im going to do is continue updating my rom set as needed. However I wont be updating it inside LB until this issue is resolved/looked at with some more light shed on it.
  15. Yes got it working. Good idea for image folder. I was simply following the instructions as to what was listed in the clear logo thread. This what was posted there so you can see where i went wrong following it hehe. " Instruction : Copy/past *.PNG file in your ...\ LaunchBox \ Themes \ <Theme name> \ Images \ Platforms \ Clear Logo. Rename the png file exactly as the name of the desired platform as in LaunchBox. Launch "BigBox" and go into "option". Refresh "wheel image cache". " but all is well and thanks again.
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