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launch vjoy or AHK scripts for specific games using launchbox


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I have been setting up many games in launchbox and i have come across a few specific pc games that i cannot remap keys and i will need to use AHK or Vjoy to get them working properly.  I was wondering if launchbox can be setup to run the scripts for just these specific games when i launch them and close the application after exiting the game.

Can i add these to additional applications under the game edit menu?  Looking for guidance on the best way to set this up on a per game basis. 


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I did setup an AHK script and got it to work as an additional application. Thanks for the confirmation! 

The only problem i have now is figuring out how to close the script after the game closes. I am using this AHK script for a dosbox game to remap a bunch of keys but i could use a little guidance on the best way to make the script close itself when dosbox closes.

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I am not the most knowledgable in AHK (so there may be a better way), but what I have done is created a batch file that kills the AHK on exit from a game. Then I run it as an additional app and choose "run after main application" in the options. In my whole library I only use this on maybe 6 games and it works well. 

The batch file contains a simple script to kill the AHK.exe running.  taskkill.exe /F /IM Game_Exit.exe 

You would replace Game_Exit.exe with the actual name of the AHK script .exe you are using. 


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