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Mame - use Catver for filters?


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There is a file, I think it is called catver for mame games that has very specific genre tags for games.  Such as all the wrestling games or all the baseball games.  Is there a way to use this to create playlists or filters so I can see all my wrestling games, for example?  Or would I have to create the playlists manually?  Thanks and sorry for creating two topics in one night.  

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As of now you would have to create them manually. No need to apologize for making 2 post in one day as long as you aren't asking the same question twice its no big deal feel free to post any questions you may have. You will find we don't really play forum Nazis around here.

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Okay one last question.  catver is basically a file containing the category and rom file names in that category.  Can I search by the rom file name in LaunchBox, click on the game and add it to a playlist?  Or do I have to cross-reference the rom file name to the game name from an external source and then search for the game in LaunchBox?  I'm trying to figure out how much effort it would be if I wanted to create a playlist of say baseball arcade games if I have the rom file names.  Thanks.

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