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Emumovies problems


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I registered on emumovies. After 48 hours are still waiting for the link via email to confirm the registration. I had the mail sent back several times but still nothing. Is it normal to expect so much? Also if I enable the emumovies page with NoScript (I use firefox as a browser), my antivirus will not stop reporting a dangerous link (The object (file) has been detected; https: //emumovies.com/applications/featuredcontent/interface /jquery.easing.min.js?v=2cecd7a0c6;HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic;https://emumovies.com/applications/featuredcontent/interface/jquery.easing.min.js?v=2cecd7a0c6;Firefox;Programma Trojan; 06/25/2018 10:29:13). Did it happen to others? It's safe?


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The same thing happens with the hyperspin site.

Kondorito said:

 My recommendation would be to contact them through https://emumovies.com/contactus/

Just in case, Im tagging @circo

No reply.



In an old forum on emumovies @circo talked about a link at the top of the site page about the problem (support ticket link, I think) but I did not find it. Boh!




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3 minutes ago, Colorman3605 said:

Ok, but i haven't another mail (and i don't want to create another only for this).


Got it; then making a support ticket in EM or contacting them through the link I shared couple posts above might be the only way.

Hope you can sort it out soon :)

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