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  1. @Jason Carr Here you go: Language-es_10.10.zip
  2. Awesome update viking! Will there be a PlatformWheel4FiltersView.xaml with the initial scroll in dark mode? This theme keeps getting better and better 🔥🔥🔥
  3. Those new features are AWESOME! The clean-up media prompt was one of my requests in the stream we did for the poll, so I am glad to finally see it there! It will make a lot of OCD users like myself to be able to clean duped/unneeded stuff without fearing of deleting wanted art. Thank you Jason and Christian for your hard work 🔥
  4. Are the blurred images disposed after closing each LB session? The "saving the image" part got me preoccupied as my set at its current state does not have any free space to spare
  5. Maybe you can add as a backup file the textgamesview xaml of the dark version, and each user can choose which xaml to use.
  6. I love you @viking ! You big sexy bearded warrior!
  7. Happy new year @viking to you too. That is looking sexy af!
  8. You rock Padou! I love your videos.
  9. Hey guys! Happy New Year, and all the best for this 2020! Fun fact: we are the same distance away from 2050 as we are from 1990 (for an "old" dude like me who was born in the 80s, this is madness! XD) @Jason Carr here you go: Language-es_FINAL.zip
  10. Hey Turnster; there seems to be an invalid character in the Arcade XML file. If you go to Launchbox/Data/ and share the Arcade.xml here, I could take a look and see what could be causing it. Another thing you can do, is go to the Data Backup folder, grab the latest (by date) Arcade xml file, and use that one instead in the regular folder.
  11. Hey guys! I saw that there is no topic of this sorts in the forum, and I thought it would be a nice way to know a little bit more about everybody in here. I'll start and I hope more of you will join me in this idea: Name: Bryan Age: 33 Username story: Condorito is the name of a comics character I used to read A LOT when I was young (even though the comic books were not originally from where I live ). The K was a modification as my last name starts with a K. Favorite system: Nintendo Entertainment System Favorite game: Super Mario World (hard time deciding this one; but I ended up choosing it because was the one it marked me the most through the years) Favorite genre: Graphic adventures (OG Sierra and LucasArts opened my eyes!) FE scene recap: Emulation lover since the 90's, started with Hyperspin almost 10 years ago, media creator (my stuff can be found both in Hyperspin as well as Emumovies), moved to Launchbox about 3 years ago. You don't need to follow this format; it can be anything you want, even just one sentence or a wall of text. Cheers!
  12. @Jason Carr here you go: Language-es.zip Take care
  13. Hey @Jason Carr I am seeing the same thing as @dukeemu on my end:
  14. I will try to post the Spanish pack in a couple of hours, hope it gets in
  15. You did it again @Grila! Thank you
  16. This whole thing looks like a BB Startup theme + RA Windowed/Full screen problem. I would advise to try what @Mr. RetroLust said. See if disabling Startup themes in BB makes any difference. If it does, enable them back and play around with the Windowed Fullscreen setting in RA. If you are hearing sound but have a black screen it might be related to focus.
  17. Ohhh snap! I got bamboozled! XD Nevertheless my point stands; and I know that circo has been working on a new PSP release since a long time
  18. Massive update! For anybody that is not knowledgeable in video production/editing; making 1 video is very time consuming, let alone over 800 right here. A year in the making. Thank you @circo for all your hard work!
  19. Skew and rotation?! Might not seem like a big deal to some, but this is huge in terms of theme/art creation. The possibilities keep expanding. Awesome implementation @y2guru This should be presented in one of ETAPRIME videos. I believe there are a lot of LB creative minds all around the globe that do not access the forums frequently and are not aware of this tool.
  20. That's a sexy beast right there
  21. Yes. No doubt about it. I did that switch some time ago and the difference is abysmal. My minipc takes only 5 seconds to startup and trigger Bigbox automatically, whereas before with an HDD it took like 30-40 seconds for Windows, and then another 40 seconds in the BB intro before reaching the main category. Same with cached images from the wheels in terms of speed of scroll and instant display. If its any help, I have the Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB. Got it for 100 bucks I believe. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a good time to update your technology.
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