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  1. @Jason Carr Spanish is done! Language-es_1015.zip
  2. If you need any help crafting it, let me know.
  3. The xaml could have an additional height property that maxes it at a certain value, so for vertical videos it would not take all the sidebar.
  4. The sticker can be frankesteined, as the only thing that you do not have a resoruce for is the Professor's face, the rest (game clear logo, background from the box and company logos) can be acquired easily in HQ.
  5. @ABeezy13, best I could find (open link in new window for full size):
  6. I will keep the WMP selected with no black bars (horizontal or vertical) with the xaml tweak from previous posts. If I had to decide between bars, I would rather have the horizontal ones over the pillars. I can test your revised theme if you want.
  7. Great work @ABeezy13! The GBA carts was a project long due, and you tackled it like a baws. Scrapping and restoring cart stickers is a frustrating pain in the neck, so kudos for this milestone 🔥
  8. @MayorQwert I got it fixed in the betas. So if you are still using a regular version, you can either update to a beta version, or wait for the official release.
  9. Hey Alan, what's up. I'll reply back in the same format as you: 1. I assume you have already tried placing your .miniusf files in the Music Background folder and when enabling the background music in BigBox nothing happens. Have you tried changing the extension to .mp3 (manually, not converting the files per se) to trick the BB player into reproducing theme anyways? 2. You can map keys/buttons in the BigBox options, and set specific shortcuts to next song and previous song, as well as volume control and anything else that happens in there. Just go to the Options menu, scroll almost all the way down and you will see the mappings menu. 3. When you say intro videos for the consoles, I am assuming you mean the platform videos before actually entering each one o them. Launchbox has one path for main platform videos, and another path for the games pertaining to that platform. Path for the platform videos is LaunchBox/Videos/Platforms/<Platform Name.mp4> Path for game videos is LaunchBox/Videos/<Platform Name>/<Game Name.mp4> Hope the above helps
  10. Dude! I was sure I had WMP selected in both LB and BB, but maybe I changed it in LB to test something before and forgot to revert it back. That was it. Cheers and sorry for the back and forth. @shadowfire really nice theme, looks sexy and has little to no dead space (I use LB as list, not images, and with this theme I can see a lot of items). Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks @tycho1974; that is what I did previously. I tried copy/pasting your line just in case there was something different in it, but the same issue happens:
  12. Tycho, do you mind telling exactly what did you remove from line 124 (or sharing the xaml)? I tried with the entire height property, as well as specific fields in it, but I only got either an error of the theme, or the description text went over the video. Thanks!
  13. Been testing BB for the last hour, and so far so good A new song every time, and I haven't seen the first ones from the folder getting repeated.
  14. You guys found what the problem was? Now I am eager to know what was it. You and @C-Beats are awesome.
  15. Hey C! For sure; let me get those and I'll send them as soon as I can. EDIT: PM sent.
  16. If it disappears then it means it reached its og resolution. It is not stretching the thumbnail as you can see more details to it when expanded. I would use this method only if you are missing a couple of images from a platform; if you are trying to build up an entire set through this site, then I would use Skraper for sure (without providing the front end paths to it).
  17. Hey frogg! Once you are in the "Media" section of the game, and you find the desired image, just do a right-click over it, and select either "View image", or "Copy image location" and paste it in a different tab. The address will be something like this: https://www.screenscraper.fr/image.php?gameid=784&media=box-3D&hd=0&region=us&num=&version=&maxwidth=338&maxheight=190 Seems my previous work-around was fixed, so you would need to do something else in order to get a bigger size. Just delete the last part of the link with the height (&maxheight=190), and press enter. You can play a little bit with the maxwidth if you want it bigger, although you might get to a point in where the image starts getting pixelated as it reached its resolution. Final link should be something like: https://www.screenscraper.fr/image.php?gameid=784&media=box-3D&hd=0&region=us&num=&version=&maxwidth=338
  18. Thanks Jason. Out of curiosity; what does BB use to play the mp3s in the background? Is it the same as what the user has set for video player? I use WMP as it works better for me than VLC. Don't know if this has something to do with it or not. Don't worry; hopefully we will get it some day Just in case this info helps in the future; I have all the 170 mp3s in the root music Background folder, no subfolders at all, and I have attract mode enabled to get triggered in two minutes of inactivity I believe. Ok, ok, last edit! I swear! Just saw something that might be it. Could it be that accessing different levels of the wheels restart the shuffle list? I am currently in attract mode, and the song X finished playing. Before BB loads the next song, attract mode is spinning and enters another category, and then the same song X starts playing again.
  19. Hey guys! I am sorry that this post is not about MAME or the new implementations, but wanted to check in regards of a possible "bug" or similar, related to Background Music. I just started using this feature, so I do not know if it was something that started happening in the last versions, or if it was like this from day 1. The problem is related to the shuffling; it keeps coming back to the same song; I was not able to find the pattern or logic/reason, but it is like it shuffles correctly when I manually press the bind Next key, but afterwards it plays the songs alphabetically (so I am constantly hearing the same 3 or 4 mp3s unless I manually start pressing Next and not let the system do it on its own). In this topic it gets better explained; although from my searches in the forum, I have not found a work-around from a couple of topics there are in regards of this. Hope this can be reviewed at some point in time
  20. That details view looks awesome! I am really curious now to see what are you doing with the plats and games views
  21. @Luram, check this topic by @Lordmonkus; it has some years, but it is still current for what you need to do The auto-generated playlists can have their content fixed, or can be dynamic and change over time automatically; you can select variables and craft your own equations. I have the "Recently Played" as a playlist for all the platforms and for the games to be visible there for up to 60 days.
  22. Hey @Luram maybe this is not what you are after, but you can create an auto-populated playlist with your recently played games, and place it in the root alongside the rest of your categories or platforms.
  23. Guys, BE CAREFUL with Skrapper in the sense of how it works. The french site is great to find artwork that is not shared anywhere else, and the app they built to get the media works fine, BUT if you end up using it, do not set it to work/scrape Launchbox and do not provide Skrapper the path to your existing media. It will mess it up for good. If you want to use the app, set it up as a generic front end, and create a folder to get all the media downloaded from their site, and then you just work with it in your front end folders once you get it. As a heads-up when looking for art in the Screenscraper site, when you open up the media and it loads small, you can just edit the values in the URL to a bigger size (i.e. change 320 for 9999), and when reloading the page it should be displayed with the maximum resolution they have it.
  24. Depends on your hardware specs, but if your session loads at at a good time, and visually it does not bother you with stuff popping up before BB does, then I would not mess around with it and leave it as it is
  25. No, because if I am not mistaken, the startup processes are triggered by explorer. You should check just in case, but I think that adding stuff in the Startup folder but not loading explorer as the shell will not do anything with it.
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