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  1. Thinking out loud; maybe you could test reducing a couple of px the game title font size (so it reduces the used space from three lines to two and gets pushed down a little bit), and check if placing the box front above works for both horizontal and vertical images.
  2. Nothing! Is just that it throws me off a little to have thumbs on the TV Thanks for the variation Lust!
  3. Love it! If you can share a finger-less version as well, that would be awesome
  4. This is looking great! I'll will be waiting for the assets/directions as well, in case you are not planning on making a "Magazines" category; I'll make one.
    Love it! This right here is the 90's condensed into a theme!
  5. They are centered to the screen to fit the height with the sides hidden behind the bg.
  6. @viking those transitions look so sexy and professional! I love how this theme is shaping up Just food for thought: inverted/black version? I am following this thread now.
  7. Harry, check this topic out: I used this workaround to bulk add a 3rd party tool to some of my PC games.
  8. Just to be sure; I did not mean to place the files inside the Launchbox folder, I meant to just drag the games you have in your current folder, and drop them inside the Launchbox application (where the game boxes/lists are displayed).
  9. No worries; it was just a sec to review. Here is the zip file with the correction in the Strings.resx: Language-es_NEW.zip
  10. Here you go @Jason Carr: Language-es_NEW.zip One thing I noticed; in the Strings.resx at the ErrorNoLaunchBoxDataFound, it says at the end: "As of this release, you will need to use the latest beta version of LaunchBox for Windows. You can upgrade to the beta release by going to Tools > Options > General > Updates in LaunchBox and checking the box to update to beta releases. Once updated, you can find the Android export process under Tools > Export to Android." Is this text ok for this version? Will it need to be removed for future ones?
  11. What the actual f....? I chuckled with those posts; sorry Lust At least he is providing you HQ material for you to work on XD
  12. @uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwyanwunt I'm thinking out loud some ideas. Try the following; - In your current version, instead of selecting the add game button, just go to the folder where the games are in Windows explorer, and drag and drop them into Launchbox. Import them like that, and then close Launchbox and reopen it, see if they are there. - You could try maybe backing up your current PS2 xml in the Data folder, and use one of the older backup files from it (in case the xml got corrputed somehow and is not letting you write in it. - Try what @Headrush69 said; in a completely different folder, install the previous version it worked for you (9.8 was it?), and import those PS2 games, close the app, relaunch it and see if they are there. - Last option, install a clean current version of Launchbox (the one you are having problems with) in a different folder, and then try importing those two games in it. See what happens after relaunching the app. Hope you can resolve this as Launchbox is a great app for managing games.
  13. Don't have any goto guides; but check these and see if they are of any help: https://github.com/sparrdrem/homeware/wiki/Create-CDI-rom-for-Dreamcast-on-Windows https://pastebin.com/jfFs6jdM
    I love it, same as all of your retro sexy creations. Thanks for sharing Padou!
  14. I don't know to be honest; with Dreamcast I always worked with gdi, cdi and chd, never converted to any other format.
  15. Don't know what to tell you. Sorry man
  16. Did you place the dinput8.dll file (32 or 64 depending on your system) as well as the devreorder.ini in the same folder as the main exe of the game? Remember that each controller in Windows has a unique GUID, so it does not matter how many controllers you have plugged in, if you tell devreorder in the devreorder.ini which controllers you want to use and in which order, and which ones you want to leave hidden so the game does not even mess around with those, it all should be fine. I believe the devreorder tool has inside the zip a program that lets you know what are the GUIDs of all your connected controllers, so you can place them in either the [order] or the [hidden] sections in the ini, but do not let any controller out of the list just to be sure.
  17. You have those games in GDI format, plus some CDDA tracks linked to them? I have never seen that, but you could give it a try. This tool simply searches for files with gdi extensions in your selected source folder, and creates the chds in your selected destination folder.
  18. Kondorito

    Big Fade

    Great work @Retro808! I love the professional look it has
  19. Haha! That "Lights Off" title was not there before! You are messing with my mind! But, yeah, I know I am not seeing them in the ideal conditions, but I play with lights on or daylight almost half the time.
  20. Great work! As a heads-up, I will be editing it and exposing a little bit more the whole image (minus the console), as I can barely see the TV frame and background in my TV screen. EDIT: OK, wow! Out of curiosity I started exposing the bezels on my end a little bit, and I am finding awesome details in the consoles and backgrounds I was not able to see before. Might be my monitor though (or maybe I am in a place with too much light).
  21. You are most welcome Robin. Keep up your awesome work
  22. Got it. I am having a problem with the action, specifically with the steps of "Image Size". My PS is crashing without any warnings. Seems to be that we have different versions (I have here an old version CS6), and some of the specifics of the Image Size steps are killing the app (seems to be the Interpolation specification). I made a new action unchecking the image size steps and making them on my end, and I was able to finish up the 3D box without problems. The strange thing I am seeing is that the first step in the second action process (STEP 2) you have a "Duplicate first document", and then you work the entire box process in the second copied document (named as the original document + copy at the end). This seems to be the reason why you might be getting the copy situation. I tried bypassing this first step, and worked fine as well. Give it a try on your end; in the STEP 2 pack, uncheck the first step of "Duplicate first document", and uncheck as well the last three steps (the "Save" and the two "Close" ones), so the automation does not process these steps. Open the automation setup, and choose to handle the Save As in there, and see what happens.
  23. No problem. Just got the atn file from the first post of the topic. If you don't mind, provide me a couple of base images you would use with this action (like 5 to 10), and I will work with it, and let you know.
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