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Analog Joystick for your arcade...


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Hello all. I have a question for you regarding analog vs 4-way/8-way sticks. 

Has anyone ever used one of these for there arcade setup before? I have always wondered about their application in regards to an Emulation arcade build.

Since a lot of games past the 8-bit era shifted to the " meh " 3d polygon look, there are lots of games that require it. We have all used the standard " d-pad " setup to play a few of these games, and we all know it's hit or miss. I found an Ultimarc Analog arcade stick that im wondering about ( http://www.ultimarc.com/ultrastik_info.html ). 

Has anyone ever used one of these? If so, what was the result?

Not sure if it's something worth investing in for my new build or not...but in theory, it does open up a lot more of the retro library if it works as i assume it does. 

analog joystick

Thanks for any information!

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I am not sure there would be a way to configure them properly and use them as analog. Since fighting game controls for example are all designed as digital input anyways. In theory it's possible but probably only useful in menus for something like fast and slow scrolling. I have never used them, sounds interesting though.



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