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  1. Hi, I am running old versions of mame, launchbox and RHLOADER because it all works. I tried updating things and stuff stopped working so I stayed with the older versions of things. The latest version of RH LOADER does have an exit option in the settings. RH LOADER 334 from emuline
  2. Hi @NIVO. Have you followed colpipes tutorial?
  3. Hi @chiukian, Where is the menu for the parameters in LB 9.8 and how do I access it thanks appreciate your quick reply. cheers Bman
  4. Hi @Retro808, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes running the game directly through mame works perfectly and runs the game. Ok I will try turning off the startup screens. Although the 9.7 version of LB had startup screens and mame worked fine then. thanks in advance.
  5. Hi @JoeViking245, I think version .158 it's old I know. I am happy to stick with the version I have since it's all working in previous versions on LB. I have all my other emulators working fine. I am looking for a solution to roll back the update. I installed LB 9.7 over the top of 9.8 and then LB would not initialize and then load at all. So then I reinstalled update 9.8 and I am back where I started. Is there a clean rollback the update to an earlier version of LB?
  6. Hi @Retro808, The Mame emulator does not load the games. I get a launchbox loading screen and a launchbox game over screen. I have since tried to rollback the update by installing version 9.7 setup over the top of the 9.8 install. At this point Launchbox and bigbox doesn't load at all.
  7. Hi @Retro808, The Mame emulator does not load the games. I get a launchbox loading screen and and launchbox game over screen.
  8. Hi Everything works except mame in version 9.8. Is there a solution? I tried @neil9000 solution to highlight arcade roms and bulk edit but rom path folder is not there am I missing something thanks in advance
  9. Hi Guys since update 9.8 everything is working except for mame the suggestion by @neil9000 is not working please help thanks in advance
  10. Hi @wallmachine, The hold button to exit option did not work I updated my pad.ini and it did not work.
  11. GAMELOADER AUTO UPDATER https://mega.nz/#!QGhAgYbQ!h3Z7TSIBV0ih-liUizkjBEXru-p-mBl99CqQi4ivkuk
  12. For those interested RH LOADER is found here great site half in french and english ==> RH333 <==
  13. Hi @jayjay, Thanks for your effort. Much appreciated. I am going to update my version of RH LOADER from 3.29 to 3.33 and look at the suggestion from @wallmachine
  14. Hi @wallmachine. Cheers mate. 3.33 seems to be a new version. Haven't tried yet. I am using 3.29 currently I think. Thanks for the post
  15. Good Morning, If you are using a windows os. In display properties, each monitor will be configurable from there. Press "identify" and there will be a 1,2,3 for each monitor. cheers B
  16. Good Morning, Ok so I used this tutorial from Harrison Hacks. It does show how to configure input in daphne loader. As far as xinput not working, you could use a keyboard mapper like joy2key or antimicro to map keyboard to your joypad or try https://www.x360ce.com/ to emulate a xinput controller. I use this method a lot. cheers
  17. Hi Alll, @jayjay, Thanks for your help. I tried your exit windows script. I still cannot exit taito games.. $joy10:: ; my start button { keywait, joy10, t5 if errorlevel <> 0 { WinGetActiveTitle, WindowTitle WinGet, PName, ProcessName, %WindowTitle% Process, Close, %PName% } }
  18. Hey @jayjay. I will retry the scripts cheers
  19. Hi yes the files are called game.exe. The windows thing didn't work. I will let you know how the script goes. Cheers b
  20. Good Morning @jayjay, So I tried both methods. Both messages "hello dll" and "hello exe" appeared after holding start. I could only see the msgbox after going back to launchbox
  21. Hi @jayjay , Ok So, 1- I put the dll file in the plugins folder. 2 - ticked the unblock box. that didn't work I compiled the ahk to exe and used the additional app settings and got this message. After running it a couple of times. So I still cannot exit the emulator using the script but it is being detected by LB cheers B
  22. Hi @jayjay , So I created the taito type x.ahk as the same name for the xml file in my platforms directory. I put the .dll in my system32 directory is that the correct place for it? I checked the config for the buttons, and nothing worked. Can I run the ahk script from the additional apps section for the rom? there is a section to run apps before, after or wait for exit of game?? thanks for your effort much appreciated cheers bman
  23. Cheers mate. I have looked briefly. It's not working yet I am determined 🤔 Happy Anzac day tomorrow
  24. Hi @Juzzotec , thanks for your quick reply. I agree with your solution. I am however looking for a solution that will allow me to use the holding of start for 2 seconds. I am aiming to hide my keyboard completely. I don't have any extra buttons on my control panel. I will now look into how to get something like rocketlauncher to handle my exit command. There will be a way to solve this. cheers B
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