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  1. bman83

    Exiting games in MAME....

    In my case I have 8 arcade button control panel for each player. So start and exit button is very useful. Fyi midway games save on mame exit so killing tasks in windows or alt f4 will not save your game
  2. bman83

    Exiting games in MAME....

    The script has a slight issue where he the game starts because you have credits in the machine or is on free play you may have to hold button again for 5 seconds. But will exit 99% of the time
  3. bman83

    Exiting games in MAME....

    To test ahk script open mame and press escape on keyboard to exit. Also go into control panel in windows and test game pad settings to make sure your button is number 1
  4. Hi everyone, I have got a working copy of taito x running with launchbox, Contra Evolution HD works with xinput joystick. Does anyone know how to get all the other roms this way thanks in advance
  5. Is there a way to add games to favorites from bigbox front end using joystick/arcade controls? Pressing "left arrow" displays star icon, search and a-z lettter.
  6. bman83

    Exiting games in MAME....

    Hi Guys, JJ helped me by creating this ahk script for me. Holding joystick button 10 (my start button) for 5 seconds exits mame. $joy10:: ; my start button { keywait, joy10, t5 if errorlevel <> 0 { Send {esc down}{esc up} } }
  7. I have solved the issue by turning off Mozilla updates service in Mozilla options. I also turned of tablet mode in Windows 10 settings selecting all options to desktop mode.
  8. Ok thanks, I am using xinmoteck usb gamepad controllers. I will check how they are configured with the keyboard mappers cheers for the quick reply bman
  9. Hi thanks for the quick reply, Yes, I have been experimenting with joy2key, and other keyboard mappers, although currently I think they are all uninstalled. I have done more reading and I will invesitgate onenote, cortana being the casue and kicking the active windows to minimize, I am also yet to try ease of access mouse controls and sticky keys but will check all that. What do you recommend to check with the keyboard mappers? cheers bman
  10. Hi, I have been running bigbox for few months with windows 10. Newly updated with bigbox 8.3 now randomly, big box menu appears during emulator gameplay, tested with several emulators same result. 1 - I select the game using joystick 2 - play game for at least 5 minutes 3 - bigbox menu appears - emulator runs in background, with game sound still playing pressing "ALT+TAB" on keyboard can get me back into game Please help I am very confused I am thinking something in windows is triggering the menu, although 8.3 is a new update ? thanks in advance bman
  11. bman83


    Hi Everyone, My setup consists of 4 xinmo joystick controllers. Running windows 10. Windows 10 has successfully configured the sticks numbering them 1-4 I am trying to configure xpadder or antimicro. I cannot save button config files and auto_launch profiles. Does anyone have a quick tutorial I can follow that shows 2 controllers setup simultaneously from the same keyboard, with auto_launching so that the profiles change with each game being loaded. cheers Bman
  12. Hi Again, Thanks for that fix I will try after work and see how she goes cheers
  13. Hi Yes this is what I am looking for, I am running mameui 0.149, how do I get to this screen, is there a tutorial for using cheats you can direct me to? thanks soo much
  14. Hi Thanks for your fast reply, I have tried this over a weekend and I did not get any colour change, have you got this method to work?> thanks
  15. Hi All, Does anyone have the eeprom/nvram file for Street fighter Alpha 3 that has the light blue title screen unlocked? Originally on arcade you had to leave the machine running for 5 weeks approximately to activate this screen. There are 5 different colour screens, this being the last one. A different colour activating every week. There are also codes to enter in the input test menu but you have to do them quickly, I haven't mastered them yet. The full explanation is here http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_cheats/codes thanks in advance bman