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  1. Hi @Fablog, I have worked through getting the game rh loader to work. Does your system work? What questions do you have. cheers Bman
  2. Hi @Fablog, I rebuild my control panel to have an exit button. To get gameloader to exit properly I had to set all my controls using the typex_config_2.0 and jconfig depending on the game. You may only need to do one of these but do both is needed. Copy the input.bin and typexconfig.bin in your "..\SV" folder to all your games so that all the controls are completely configured. then to exit the emulator without any errors. change the following You'll then need to run the "Game Loader Config" then do the following below: Windows 10, "C: \ Users \ USER NAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ Game Loader All RH \ TTX.ini" Windows XP, "C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER NAME \ Application Data \ Game Loader All RH \ TTX.ini" -Open TTX.ini with notepad and modify this: [Ignore] Warning=agree Game Monitor =1
  3. Hi, I am running old versions of mame, launchbox and RHLOADER because it all works. I tried updating things and stuff stopped working so I stayed with the older versions of things. The latest version of RH LOADER does have an exit option in the settings. RH LOADER 334 from emuline
  4. Hi @NIVO. Have you followed colpipes tutorial?
  5. Hi @chiukian, Where is the menu for the parameters in LB 9.8 and how do I access it thanks appreciate your quick reply. cheers Bman
  6. Hi @Retro808, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes running the game directly through mame works perfectly and runs the game. Ok I will try turning off the startup screens. Although the 9.7 version of LB had startup screens and mame worked fine then. thanks in advance.
  7. Hi @JoeViking245, I think version .158 it's old I know. I am happy to stick with the version I have since it's all working in previous versions on LB. I have all my other emulators working fine. I am looking for a solution to roll back the update. I installed LB 9.7 over the top of 9.8 and then LB would not initialize and then load at all. So then I reinstalled update 9.8 and I am back where I started. Is there a clean rollback the update to an earlier version of LB?
  8. Hi @Retro808, The Mame emulator does not load the games. I get a launchbox loading screen and a launchbox game over screen. I have since tried to rollback the update by installing version 9.7 setup over the top of the 9.8 install. At this point Launchbox and bigbox doesn't load at all.
  9. Hi @Retro808, The Mame emulator does not load the games. I get a launchbox loading screen and and launchbox game over screen.
  10. Hi Everything works except mame in version 9.8. Is there a solution? I tried @neil9000 solution to highlight arcade roms and bulk edit but rom path folder is not there am I missing something thanks in advance
  11. Hi Guys since update 9.8 everything is working except for mame the suggestion by @neil9000 is not working please help thanks in advance
  12. Hi @wallmachine, The hold button to exit option did not work I updated my pad.ini and it did not work.
  13. GAMELOADER AUTO UPDATER https://mega.nz/#!QGhAgYbQ!h3Z7TSIBV0ih-liUizkjBEXru-p-mBl99CqQi4ivkuk
  14. For those interested RH LOADER is found here great site half in french and english ==> RH333 <==
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