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2 keyboard button mapping?


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Hello all. I have a question  about games that will not allow you to map 2 players to a single keyboard.

Games like Street-fighter 4-5, Mortal Kombat x, Injustice, the new KI, etc...will not allow you to map you more than one player to a single keyboard. Why that is, I'm not sure. It really sucks when you see the Steam sales coming and you buy a slew of new 2d fighters just to find that you aren't allowed to play it on your arcade setup. 

I'm sure that there is some kind of program out that will help you by tricking the program into thinking you have joysticks attached, but could you not just plug in two cheap keyboards to your emulating Pc and have it see them both independently ( V-joy i think it's called...but i hear it's a mess to set up )?

So with my new 4-player cabinet I'm building, it has a 42" lcd inside. With this, i want to add new fighters and take advantage of the higher resolutions available. Without a way to do this mapping though, that would make this impossible. Besides dreading setting up the two light guns i want to install and setting up Dragons lair...this seems like it will be the 1'st in line for hair pulling moments. 

I-PAC4Aimtrak light gun boxed

Image result for dragon's lair


Any help on this would be great guys.

Thanks everyone!

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