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Launchbox.exe Deleted and Failed Update


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Hey everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I need help with an issue I'm currently facing. I'll try to be as detailed as possible. So just recently I upgraded my Launchbox from a yearly license to a forever license in order to support the development of this great front-end and to get the latest updates. Once I got the download link for the license, I went ahead and placed it in my Launchbox directory. From there I initialized Launchbox and was prompted to update to the new official Launchbox Version - 8.3 (My current version being 8.1). I went ahead and clicked "yes" and the update process began. Unfortunately, during the update, I recieved this message stating that there was an error while trying to rename a file in the destination directory. I've provided an attachment of this message down below. Anyway, I clicked retry to see if that would solve the issue but unfortunately it didn't. Upon trying several more times, I decided to just click "abort" since clicking on "ignore" appeared in parenthesis as (not recommended). From there a brief message appeared stating "removing installation files" and the installation process was then terminated and the window closed. From there I decided to perhaps try again so I clicked on my Launchbox desktop shortcut but got a window message stating that "Launchbox.exe" has been moved or changed as shown in the second attachment. I went ahead to my Launchbox directory to check, and it appears that Launchbox.exe has been deleted as it is now missing. Now I'm unable to access Launchbox and it appears that BigBox is inaccessible either. I double click it, but it's not starting up. I would truly appreciate it if you guys could help me out. Thank you all once again.

Here are all the attachments:



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I was having the exact same issues. I did some research and found out this error and file deletion was being caused by Malwarebytes ransomware protection. It has been an issue with many programs during the update process. If you have Malwarebyte Premium, just right click on the Malwarebyte icon in the system tray and turn off ransomeware protection temporarily. Hope this helps you.


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