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Updating Fields and Artworks from Games DB in LB?

Chris Kant

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Dear all,


I am now happily working and enjoying LB and BB and helping to moderate the GamesDB as well. I asked myself for awhile now how can I update my already imported Games in DB with the updates from the GamesDB like Artworks and Datafields?

example: I have a clear logo in LB already, but now I uploaded a better version into the GamesDB and it is approved, the old one will get delete as well. How can I make sure to get the new one and the old one will delete?

another example, I have the game imported and all the fields in LB are now as I need it, for example the Game Name. Now I see that a lot of the other fields are more accurate in the Games DB. How can I update this without overwrite my own works?

is there a possibility (maybe as a new feature) to protect fields and or artworks so they will not overwritten by an update? and a function to update the artworks without downloading everything?



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3 minutes ago, Jason Carr said:

Hi Chris, syncing data like this without overwriting user changes can be a particularly nasty/difficult problem to solve, and there might never be a perfect solution. So unfortunately it's not likely to be something that gets addressed in the near future.

Hi Jason, thank you for responding on this. So at this moment only delete all and resync is the only solution.

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