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BigBox regains control before RL fade appears


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So, I'm in the process of building a bartop, and using RocketLauncher alongside BigBox for fades, bezels, and keymappers mostly. But I'm having some slightly odd behavior when opening a game.

BigBox's "Now Loading" message will go away a good 3-5 seconds before RocketLauncher's fade appears. In that time, BigBox will take inputs until the fade shows up and locks it out. If I'm the one using it, it's not a big deal, I know not to touch anything. But if someone else is messing with the stick or buttons it can make weird things happen - mostly messing up the second screen's marquee image by selecting another game, or trying to launch a second game before the first loads.

I've tried to prune down RL's load time as much as possible by disabling all but the clear logo images in the LB plugin, but 3 seconds or so between the now loading going away and the fade appearing and locking out BigBox is as fast as I can get it. Is there any way to add an extra delay to BigBox's load message, or modify the RocketLauncher emulator settings to prevent this?

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