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    GPD Win2 set up

    how does that really feel to control? ergonomically feels ok or what? i'm really into this, but it's just not really out there a lot, and you can't go hold it anywhere. Curious how it really feels and works.
  2. damageinc86

    switching out controllers and controller automation

    Is this for navigating bigbox with the controller, or for exiting a game from the emulator? I use rocketlauncher, which uses joy2key profiles that can be game-specific, emulator specific, or platform specific. So i have "select" set to the esc key, but with a hold of like half a second before it engages. It's always select, across all platforms. I think keymapping is the next big piece of the puzzle for a more seamless experience in LB/BB.
  3. damageinc86

    Better genres

    yeah shoot 'em ups should not be with shooters, or run 'n gun. That one is pretty obvious. FPS games should be their own genre "First-person shooters". I haven't really messed with genre stuff much, but I would have thought that it wouldn't be as general as what is presented in the original post. Interesting. Good solution from agent47 as well.
  4. damageinc86

    JoytoKey Not Launching with Games

    Oh first of all you have to tell launchbox to use rocketlauncher as the emulator for the system, and then point rocketlauncher to launchbox, so it gets the signal.
  5. damageinc86

    System Playlist Clear Logo Sets

    Only thing that could make it better is if they were in the folder structure already, so it could be a drag n' drop scenario. Having to move them over one at a time can get a bit tedious.
  6. damageinc86

    No box art art? I made these how to use?

    I think you could bulk edit all the games without box art and then point those to the image. I've never had to do anything like this because my no box art games are so few that I can deal with it. Even in the arcade system, there is box art for so many games. But if you select them all and then do the bulk edit, maybe you can select box art image from that menu system?
  7. damageinc86

    Favoris Arcade /Batman Collection

    Does anybody know the titles of all those movies from the 80s in there?
  8. damageinc86

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    I deleted the playlist, and then re-auto-generated it, and it is still the only playlist showing up on the regular platform category list in bigbox. Refreshed image cache for all images too. I also deleted the auto-generated list and replaced it with a manually filled list. It's weird that it would pick Castlevania to be the only playlist i've made and feature it on the platform category menu lol. Maybe it's a sign?
  9. damageinc86

    help me find an arcade game

    try asking on the reddit too. https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/
  10. Yeah you have to really be dedicated to your hacks/homebrews to have all the images and videos and stuff. I try as best i can, but some fall through the cracks. I just deal with the gaps, but I have found a lot of videos on youtube, and made a lot of clear logos on my own. It's tolerable, but not complete by any means.
  11. damageinc86

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    I just updated everything, and then updated to the new cityhunter theme that is supposed to work with the new beta. One of my playlists is showing on the main platform line, even though the "show in platforms" is un-checked. I don't know if this is a themeing issue, or a bigbox issue. Just wondering if anyone might know how to stop that playlist from showing up in the mail platforms somehow.
  12. I like having them as separate platforms. I put all my hacks/homebrews together, for example: SNES Homebrew, NES Homebrew, Genesis Homebrew, etc. I know a lot of people further separate between homebrew and hacks,...but I consider it all homebrew since even a romhack was still "brewed" by someone or a team, on their own.
  13. damageinc86


    Oh no, we can't loose this theme to any of the new updates that have happened. It's one of the best!
  14. damageinc86

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    yeah it looked pretty damn cool. Can you do two players with it on the same box? or would you need another blissbox plugged in also?
  15. damageinc86

    Controllers (and what you dream of)

    I never understood how the blissbox could let you hot-swap (i think that's what it's called?) controllers and it would be able to stay mapped properly to the emulator? Could you explain a little how it works?
  16. damageinc86

    More ReignStumble style platform images

    Hey the more options the better. Even if they aren't exactly to the same specs as the original, I think you did damn good!
  17. damageinc86

    Neon Deluxe Arcade (Street) - Startup Theme

    ohhhh man. this theme and start up is going to be epic. Perfect styling. Love it!
  18. damageinc86

    Arcade & Diner - Dynamic Stereo Ambience

    so where would this apply? I've never used any music or anything in launchbox,...would this be a blanket launchbox backround song playing the whole time?
  19. damageinc86

    do you do pixel ? (help needed)

    Wow, I think these are actually very cool. I'd love a pixel theme.
  20. damageinc86

    9.4-beta-1 Released

    Well community polls are a great tool, but just writing off something the majority of people may have never even thought of, or care about as nit picky is sort of silly. There are options for so many things, and orders, and priorities,...it seems fitting to have something for screenshot order for those who find other screens more appealing than the title screen. I myself don't even use them really, but I think it is reasonable even if it only get's 10 votes in a poll. Not everyone participates in a community poll either,...so that doesn't necessarily reflect an accurate account of users who might enjoy a feature. It's like running into a feature on a car that you might never have dreamed of because conventional manufacturing just never did it, or it wasn't popular enough to ever be considered. But man, if it applies to you and it is useful, it's a glorious moment. For example, hoods that flip up with the hinges on the front of the car, make it sooooo much easier to get in the engine bay, but it's only done for a limited time period on limited models for some reason. Or the fact that on 1971 toyota cars the radiator support unbolts completely from the car so that you can slide the engine straight out the front to replace it, without having to take the hood off.
  21. damageinc86

    Urban Gaming Showstopper

    I want real life to be this.
  22. damageinc86

    Deleting non imported MAME games

    I really have to try to find the programs and method I used back in the hyperspin days. It did exactly what you needed to do. It made an xml, and then there was a program that compared the xml to the romdirectory, and then another one that deleted all that came back not matching. It left me with a much smaller directory, and no more mahjong, fruit machine, etc. laying around. i had to go back and clean up a few one by one when I noticed them showing up in the frontend (i noticed because it didn't have clear logos for them because I never made them). I have a merged set and nothing i've tried to play so far has ever come back not working. Of course, I haven't played the thousand plus collection in its entirety, but still quite a few, and none that i've ever wanted to play came back non-working.
  23. damageinc86

    Giant Titan Platform Category Logos

    i think you are going to have to download the PSD files and try to add your own comics,mag, etc. artwork behind the text. I found that the text is gothambold iirc, and you can easily change both text layers to whatever you want. However, the shadow was custom made with what looks like different shapes behind the text. You can see it when you turn the text layer off. So I'd go for just a standard drop shadow and get it as close as you can. i did that when i added mobile to my platform list. Unless your really good with doing those shadows by hand.
  24. damageinc86

    Does a Namco N2 / Es3 Emulator actually exist?

    Mind sharing which one you got to work?
  25. damageinc86

    Does a Namco N2 / Es3 Emulator actually exist?

    i could never get it to work, it was always a black screen with audio only.