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  1. Mostly grabbing what they like. I included all of my custom banners in a link that I added to my banners file download in the downloads section. It includes all the photoshop templates and working images as well.
  2. I think that theme needs to be redone in the newer theme creator to work well.
  3. I haven't set up RL with arcade sticks yet,...but i've done a lot with RL to get my setup going and keep it going all these years. i'd be happy to take a stab at it one of these days. shoot me a message if you want.
  4. Yeah, i'm pretty sure there is a fade back to the game from the pause menu. There is also a fade back from regular gameplay to frontend. That one is part of the overall fade-in and fade-out settings. If you want it to say game over on-screen, they have a default image, or you can just put any game over image into a folder and it will use that (per-system too iirc). I just use black, because I got tired of seeing "game over" when I know it's game over lol.
  5. I still have to use it for the following features: 1. Fades. I just keep using my RL fades because I still have to use RL for all the other features. 2. Bezels. This is a big one for me, since I use mednafen for a bunch of systems, and RL will put a bezel on top of that. 3. Pause menu. LB's pause menu isn't enough yet. Especially with the save and load state menu. RL will send the save and load keystrokes to 9 slots, and shows you a screenshot snap from when you saved it. 4. Keymapping. The other big one. Especially for my PC games and MS-DOS platform. Super easy to set up, just had to point RL to my joy2key.exe file, and then from within RL it allowed me to map all the keys and save the profiles per-game, so when that game is launched it just loads that profile right into joy2key on startup (usually during the fade) and it's ready to go. Absolutely LOVE this feature. RL features have been brought up a lot over the years. It's usually for these main features,...but there's a lot of other stuff under the hood of the program as well. It's been said that it is near impossible to reliably implement fades and bezels through LB,...but RL has been working for me almost every time for almost 7 years now. So I feel like it could really be done,...but it's just very complicated. I know there's a lot of AHK stuff in the modules, and a lot of window handling and stuff that i can just barely wrap my head around. Best case scenario would be if the team at RL reached some sort of agreement to share their approach/code with Jason, so that launchbox could really be the ultimate polished front end. The features are really some amazing icing on the emulation cake for a super clean interface from startup to shutdown.
  6. Just heard criminally insane on liquid metal sirius xm today.
  7. So at any point, do all of these hi-res sets get added to the LB games DB image pages so that they can become the default downloaded images?
  8. I didn't re-import my entire arcade, I wouldn't do that unless I absolutely had to. So I would assume that back in April I used the UI method. I have been mining crypto on my gaming PC since then, so I actually forgot about this lol. I'm sure i'll never even notice those 7 games that launchbox didn't find. But it would have been nice if it just told me what those games were as it happened.
  9. I really like the view in the second photo. I would install that theme.
  10. That is a fantastic design. i can't wait to finally get a recroom cab with control panel. I want the one that has the trackball, spinner, and 4-way joystick in addition to the 8-way sticks.
  11. is that an existing bolt hole that it uses? These look very nice.
  12. Oh, must just be images that make it look like there are separate profiles in that video. Darn, that would be cool.
  13. Wait wait wait,....we can have separate user profiles now!?
  14. I like the slight splash of color to help highlight the box though. That might be nice to have in the other views.
  15. well that's an interesting take on the "wheel". I can't decide if I like it or not lol. I think I do? haha.
  16. I also would like to know where this option might be. Sometimes it is hard to find things in all the various menus/tabs/checkboxes etc.
  17. Well, lookie here. Now there is a community theme creator. I wonder if we can fix this now?
  18. I'm not sure what it is called. But it's whatever the standard bannerbox view that shows banners for everything. I know it's not wall, or text list though. It would be nice if bigbox showed some text when you switched views using the TAB key like "horizontalblabla", or "wallviewblabla" so you knew which view you were in right when you switched to it.
  19. Yeah Bannerbox doesn't pull any images from your "base install" so to speak. My custom image folder for the banners that bannerbox uses is like 6 gigs or something crazy like that lol.
  20. I'm not sure if it was this beta that did it or not, but my bannerbox games view doesn't show banners anymore in bigbox. It shows oversized clear logos instead. I'm guessing it had something to do with it though, since this has been my first time starting launchbox in about a month, and i did all the updates that popped up.
  21. Did the launchbox update break this theme? My games view is now just really big clear logos, and not the banners like it was before.
  22. I understood it, and it makes sense. I would only suggest making your own general controls version yourself, because maybe you don't want your buttons like I have set them up?
  23. i think retroarch is like F2 to get to the menu, even when you are in-game. It's something like that. Shouldn't be too hard to do that. Aren't those arcade controls natively mapped to keyboard presses?
  24. Yeah the images and video is a killer with having a nice launchbox setup. Even worse if you have a theme like bannerbox, which requires a full replacement set of images since it cannot compile all your existing images into the banner image on the fly. My 2TB drive filled up FAST! I would say, just get a bigger drive honestly lol.
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