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Challenges trying to delete a rom and all its media - What is the rom to media naming convention?


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I wrote a program to go through my folders and find descriptions for rom names by comparing them to the MAME XML database or the no-intro ones. I was going to make something that let me delete everything to do with a rom or delete them in LB and find what was deleted from a snapshot made before deleting and then get rid of all the files associated with the missing roms. Problem is, it's easy to scrape from a rom name, but not so easy to take a rom name and delete everything associated with it. Here is an example:

There are multiple versions of many roms. Here Aero Fighters has 6. Note the rom name and the description

aerfboot, Aero Fighters (bootleg set 1)
aerfboo2, Aero Fighters (bootleg set 2)
aerofgtb, Aero Fighters (Taiwan / Japan, set 1)
aerofgt,  Aero Fighters (World / USA + Canada / Korea...
sonicwi2, Aero Fighters 2 / Sonig Wings 2
aerofgts, Aero Fighters Special (Taiwan)

Now out of all the possible art, these are just the box covers. Note the first one has a dash after "fighters" with no space. The descriptions/names here do not match the descriptions of the roms. So We have AF1, AF2 (with more than one image AND spaces with no dash like the first one has), AF3, and AF Special. So does AF1 mean the bootleg 1 set and AF2 mean bootleg2? And what then is AF3? I don't see the pattern.

Aero Fighters-01.png
Aero Fighters 2-01.png
Aero Fighters 2-02.png
Aero Fighters 3-01.png
Aero Fighters Special-01.png
Aerp Fighters Special-02.png

And here are the videos. No AF1, just AF with no number. Then we have 2, 3 and Special.  No dashes, but perhaps that is because there are no alternate video snaps for this game.

Aero Fighters.mp4
Aero Fighters 2.mp4
Aero Fighters 3.mp4
Aero Fighters Special.mp4

And this would repeat under many folders such as  "arcade" in fanart, circuit boards, manuals, advertisement, etc., etc.

Sure I can parse the string to split it out or use regular expressions (regex) to find what I need or just match "Aero Fighters", but if the strange numbering is because some versions share the same image or video, then deleting the Japanese rom and all its art, for example, might mean it is also deleted for the US or World version. If this isn't too common, then easy enough to re-scrape in LB when you see a game missing its art, but I was trying to see if there was a way to do this the "elegant" way. Is there a database that holds the art that matches the rom name? Some details on the naming standard? I need a reliable way to match the rom name to it's description, and/or to the matching description for the media. 


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