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MAME - How to separate my "Favorites" roms from the full .198 rom set?


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Noob here again ...

I have the entire 198 MAME rom set. Using the default MAME gui, I have slowly gone through and set about 100 games to "Favorites". Before setting up Launchbox I would like to pull out all of my "Favorites" into a curated rom set, and not use all the other 1000's of roms in the set... just a waste of space.

I know MAME is finicky, sometimes not having a single rom, but instead requiring multiple roms (parent, etc) piggy backing on top of each other, and also sometimes requiring separate chd's for the rom to load. Obviously, I have all the needed files, with the roms on one folder, the chd's in another folder... but there are thousands upon thousands of files to look through, and I can not tell which ones are dependent on each other. Is there a tool, or some other easy way to see what files I need for each game? Like I said, I would like to only use the files i NEED for each rom to run. For example, there are a lot of Gauntlet roms in the 198 rom set, but I only want to use the 2-player version that I have setup already. How do I know if I can pull that single rom out, or if I need the other ten or more associated roms.

On a side note, is this the same approach you guys take with MAME? I kind of like the idea of maybe leaving the entire set to scroll through and slowly build up my Arcade playlist over time. But I figured I could do that on the side as I continue to find new gems and perfect their bezels and controls before adding them to Launchbox. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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26 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

Just get a nonmerged set and delete what you don't want its set up so it doesn't have any dependencies.

Ok, good. I do have the non-merged ROM set, but my CHD set is merged... will that affect me?

I didn't see a non-merged CHD set when searching the P.D. site. That's why I ended up with the merged CHD set.

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