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Separate Platform Image Folders?


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So I somehow  ended up with platform images going into two separate locations.  

Example A:  \LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\SNK Neo Geo AES\Clear Logo

Example B:  \LaunchBox\Images\SNK Neo Geo AES\Clear Logo

It seems to be causing a bit of an issue with plugging and playing different image sets into Big Box Mode themes. I am just going to set them all the same, and curious which way it was originally? Consoles in their own folder or in the folder with their respective game images?


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38 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

Example A: The images are for the platform itself. (not the actual games)

Example B: These images are for the actual games within the platform.

So console images are in a separate folder from the games.

At some point I guess I decided to put the console banner and clear logo in with the game folder for some  reason, and then point everything towards said folder. I had gone ahead and pointed the couple consoles I did it with back towards the console folder just glad to know it was me being dumb one night and not something else lol. -Thanks.

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