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I've got quite a legacy of Launchbox media materials and after trying (and failing) to get new platform banner images applied, it may be time to get all the pictures and media put in their respective places. Is there a list or image somewhere of where things go by default these days now that themes are a thing?

I still intend to keep actual game files and retroarch in their own respective folders, but media can change.


BTW: I got the platform banners changed on an alternate theme, but this did not work by simply dumping the same images into the "default" theme folder structure.

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And I guess I need a little clarification about the default theme. I deleted the banner image in platforms/<platform>/banner, but Launchbox/BigBox regenerates the image instead of picking an image from the themes folder. That makes me wonder how image picking for platforms with any given theme is supposed to work.

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Images simply go in your Image folders in your Launchbox structure (LaunchBox\Images). By placing them here all themes will be able to use them. If you place images in the image folders located in the specific themes folders (LaunchBox\Themes\[Theme Name]\Images) you are designating those images to only be used by that them. This is a great option if you have specific image styles that will match a theme, but remember that means only that theme can use the image.

Remember, anytime you add or change images, when you launch BigBox go to settings then images and refresh the image cache. Otherwise the new images will not be shown.

Why the default theme did not use the image you placed in the themes images folder I am not sure. Images in a theme's specific folders should be primary over images in the general images folders. Maybe the default only pulls the general images as a safety since the default theme can not be deleted or edited. In any other downloaded theme this should work as planned.


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It might be a quirk of the default theme that does that. I think I understand the organization and my images don't need to move much. Thanks for the information. I haven't fired this thing up in almost a year and it looks like all the hard work and configuration is still intact.

Now I need to go back and design a circuit board adapter for my NES/SNES classic controllers.

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