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Corrupted XML, usual fixes don't work


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So Launchbox won't start because the NES xml is corrupted, which is fine. The problem is, none of the backups will work, even though they aren't corrupted. The lines it's saying are the problem are fine. It seems as if it won't load the xml because of apostrophes and other things that shouldn't cause issues. I'll attach the backups. Can anyone see what could possibly be the issue? Thanks.

Nintendo Entertainment System_2018-07-28_18-15-24.xml

Nintendo Entertainment System_2018-07-28_17-18-59.xml

Nintendo Entertainment System_2018-07-28_17-18-15.xml

Nintendo Entertainment System_2018-07-28_10-55-19.xml

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12 hours ago, DOS76 said:

If worst comes to worst you can just delete the NES xml and reimport the games when you do so don't download the media again as everything you already downloaded will just attach again.

Did you notice anything that could be causing the problem?

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Okay, I fixed it. Usually what I do is I open the corrupted XML, delete the entire contents of it and then paste everything from the backup. For whatever reason, that didn't work this time, so I had to delete the corrupt one, make a copy of the backup and rename it.

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yeah usually you would just delete the corrupt one copy the backup over and rename it. Its also good practice to keep a copy of your data folder some where off you computer in case your hard drive ever fails you can get up and running again without any hassle.

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