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Hey guys,


thanks for this awesome program first! Bought Premium and love it!


I am having troubles with some files. I imported all my 3DS games and some files it just doesnt add correct metadata (or none at all) at the automatic scrape. So I have to go to the game, make it manually and save it manually. Which is annoying for future scrapes etc.


What I did so far is: I searched for right metadata, copied that exact name (without [LaunchDB]) and renamed the file like that. After that name there comes the region and the languages (Europe) (En, Ger, Fr).


But still it doesnt add it automatically on next scrape.


Is there a way to let launchbox write the LBDB ID into the file and scrape only by this ID?


Thanks in Advance!

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with systems like that that dont have the game name in the file name you need to edit the names on the last part of the import wizard, where it shows you what it is importing and from what loacation, you can double click in the box and rename to anything you like. This is unfortunately a issue with how those games are ripped, its the same with wii u. Launchbox uses the name of the file to ID the game, but if that name is something generic with no mention of the game name then it obviously cant match the game to our database, The only other way is to tick the box in the import wizard to use folder names as titles, but obviously that will rely on you having the games in there own correctly name folders in the first place.

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Hi and thanks for your answer Neil. The thing is: The name is in the game name. But some games are written problematic with (&, :, etc.) and it doesnt detect it automatically. Thats why my idea was to write the launchbox ID into the filename and let it scrape via launchboxDB ID. Is this not possible?

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As far as i know the scraper wont be able to read any database ID's from the filename, all the scraper does is look at the name at the start of the file ( anything that is inside of () is simply ignored also). All i did was rename my dozen or so of my 3DS games in the last page of the wizard like i said above, and my games all scraped just fine.


Screenshot (289).png

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