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Best emu for playstation 1 ?


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HI Sorry to post again


having some major issues with epsxe everything seems to run great except Tekken & Soul Blade which either displays in narrow or stretched views

Any help would be appreciated

Which is the best plugins

which is the best resolution ?

Should i run another psx core via retroarch ?

Thanks in advance



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ePSXe 2.05 runs faster on lower end hardware and the accuracy is fairly equal at around 85-90% each.

Both are excellent emulators, I just choose to the RA Bettle (Mednafen) core because of better shaders and other things that RA does like lower input latency and top notch audio sync.

The HW core does have a few bugs and glitches but it is best if you plan on playing 3D games and uprezzing them. I predominantly play 2D sprite based games so resolution scaling is not something I care about personally.

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