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Importing TOSEC ROMs...


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Hi! Thank you for this awesome software! I'm very new to using it, but so far everything seems to be pretty straightforward and user-friendly!

I have several TB's of games for various systems. I've successfully (I think) imported all of the ROM's from MAME release .199, having selected to not import duplicates or non-working games which gave me a total import count of 3,621.  That's out of a total ROM count of 12,051. Does that sound right?

I also have the full set of CHD's that are located within the  folder I imported,  but I don't believe that any of those were imported.  Is there a separate category within LB to import the MAME CHD's?

The other question I have is regarding the TOSEC main branch files:

I'm trying to import the TOSEC Nintendo Famicom and Entertainment System ROM's. I extracted them all from the main ZIP into the folder and now have 12,147 individual ROM files in .ZIP format. There are actually several folders within the Nintendo folder - Games, Applications, Demos, Educational and Firmware. Each of them contained other folders and main ZIP files which were all unzipped to their specific folder.

The problem I'm having is that when I prompt LB to import these files from the Nintendo\Famicom & Entertainment System\ folder, I'm told that the system is ready to import zero games.  I've also tried to import the ROM files by selecting "Add FIles" instead of "Add Folder" and selecting all 12,147 ZIP archives.  When I hit OK I get the message:

File \\?\D:\Games\Console and System\(Tosec v2018-04-01) Main Branch\Nintendo\Famicom & Entertainment System\Games\[NES]\Hyaku No Sekai No Monogatari - The Tales on a Watery Wilderness (1991-08-09)(Ask Koudansha)(JP)[hVimm][tr en Alan Midas][v0.100.story, iNES title].zip does not exist. Verify that  the correct file name was given.

I've tried importing these files twice via the "Add Files" method and get the same error, on the same ROM file.  I'm thinking it could be an issue with the incredibly lengthy name of the file that's causing the issue?  I know that back in the day, Windows had various problems with exceedingly long file names (see here, and here), but I honestly have no idea what the issue is here.

I would appreciate any assistance you guys could send my way!

EDIT: I just scanned through all of the NES ROM zips and discovered that all of the various iterations of the Hyaku No Monogatari - The Tales on a Watery Wilderness files do indeed have the longest filenames of all of the roms - and by a considerable margin.  I'm going to try to import all of the ROM files but exclude all of the Hyaku's...now.

Okay - now I'm getting the same error but with a different ROM: Sweet Home (1989-12-15)(Capcom)(JP)[hVimm][tr pt Made in Brasil][iNES title, based on Gaigin Productions and Suicidal Translations work, v70%, 2003].zip does not exist.

So another ridiculously long file name.  There are fifteen versions of Sweet Home. I'm going to exclude the three with the longest file names...

OKAY! We are getting some frantic activity in the Select the files to import box.

It appears that they're all ready to be imported, minus the several with filenames exceeding eight million characters.  My suspicion that the filename length is the culprit has grown.

Is there any way to fix this?  I'll probably never play the game, but I'm kind of a purist and would like to import all of them. I also imagine that as I import more ROM's for more systems, I will run into this issue again.


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42 minutes ago, ultranothing said:

Really? Am I the only one working with romfiles that contain long file names? Isolated incident, nothing to see here? 

Yeah, pretty much.

42 minutes ago, ultranothing said:

Is...there a workaround to get LaunchBox to recognize/work with long file names?

This is not a LB issue, this is a Windows issue, file paths that long throws Windows for a loop. You can look into this though for a potential fix: https://www.howtogeek.com/266621/how-to-make-windows-10-accept-file-paths-over-260-characters/

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