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Issues with Launching RetroArch through HDMI


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Not sure what's going on when I launch anything using RetroArch through LaunchBox via HDMI to my Projector or TV from my Laptop it goes Black while buffering and nothing much else to where it get unresponsive. I have Googled for solutions but seems everything I have came across was related to people having issues with sound only when it comes to HDMI and not when it comes to just loading up a game. I got as far as taking out the HDMI and pressing F1 to bring up the settings within RetroArch in hopes it focuses to the proper screen in which kinda worked until I left that game and acted like it never saved my configurations even though I did as I went back to see the settings did remain where I left them, yet still back to the same problems as before.

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Couple of questions, and one possible solution below.  Are you cloning your laptop's display to the 2nd monitor (projector and/or TV)?  If you launch retroarch directly, not via LB or BB, does it display properly on the HDMI output?

Possible solution, which may work even though I don't know the answers to the above questions.  In retroarch there's a setting to force which monitor you want it to be displayed on. It's under drivers/video and it's called Monitor Index.  You can try manually editing your retroarch.cfg file and searching for the line that says video_monitor_index = "0"  Change the 0 to 1, then test. If that doesn't work, try changing the 1 to 2 and see if that works.  That should force retroarch to go to monitor 1 or 2 (depending on which monitor your HDMI is 1 or 2 in Windows).  FYI, 0 is auto which normally should display on at least 1 of your displays... but not knowing the answers to the questions I posted above I'm not 100% sure.

Hope this helps,

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Opening RetroArch on its own works just fine through HDMI..but not when I launch a game through LaunchBox though.

I had it set at 2 in which kinda worked one time when I loaded a game and plugged the HDMI in I believe. 1 made it to where nothing but the LaunchBox screen shows on the bigger screen. 0 just crashes. My projector doesn't cast wirelessly at this point unless I find an attachment for it later on as our Roku Smart TV can cast just fine by using the "project" feature within Windows 10.

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