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  1. Details for Platforms are still not showing up on the Old Default
  2. Forgot to also mention that whenever you back out from one Platform go to another too quick now, everything on the right from the previous Platform will been seen instead of the next you shifted over too. Didn't used to be that way until the new Default was introduced. Still hoping the new Default will have an option the adjust the translucent grey background layer because for what little a checked it out, that grey background is what hold me back from making the jump to using the new Default as my main Theme. I work far too much on Background art to have it covered in a layer of grey like that
  3. We need to do something about Old Default no longer displaying the Platform Details, and as far as the new Default, I'm not too fond of the fact the background has a translucent grey layer that doesn't let you clearly see what's back there that you can't seem to adjust on how grey you want it to be. I think the new Default has potential, but would love to see the background layer being adjustable, and maybe even allow some color options too
  4. DEMUL is like the only thing I'm aware of that runs Hikaru, but the only issue is that it doesn't fullscreen at launch for some odd reason while things like NAOMI, NAOMI 2, and Atomiswave launch at fullscreen just fine. You;ll have to just Alt+Enter once you launch a Hikaru game to make it fullscreen. Some have claimed to found a way to fix it, but then have claimed it somehow went back to not launching at fullscreen. Other than that, DEMUL seems the best and only option. I hope someday Flycast is able to run more than just Dreamcast, NAOMI, and Atomiswave because then we can have all that in RetroArch
  5. For me it goes more than just EmuMovies. There are things I have uploaded to Games DB like a week ago now and still aren't coming through as Media Downloads, even after days of updating the Metadata. I remember a while back @Jason Carr was telling me things may take a day or so to get on the server even if it gets voted in to the LaunchBox Games DB. I'm wonder if there is an issue with the server, but it's just a guess since that kind of knowledge is out of my league for now. Basically nothing new is coming through from the Launchbox Games DB for about a week now
  6. I'm having the same issue with EmuMovies stuff. Like it takes forever to connect, and then just as soon as you are able to see the list and check what you want, it almost most of the time then gives you and error that they were not able to download them. With the Launchbox Games DB it's also having issues where everything isn't being listed even days after they all got voted in and Metadata was updated several times over. Not sure what's up with all that since Downloading Media was recently made to go faster than before, but now seems broken on many levels, and I've made mentions of it a few times only to get no real response back about it either
  7. Another day of new Metadata Updates, and still not everything is coming through like it should from the LaunchBox Games DB
  8. Seems even after the latest Beta I'm having issues where I'm not getting every piece of media listed properly as seen in the Games DB. I've waited days to see if stuff makes it over to the next Metadata Update from the server, but doesn't appear listed with what can be seen in the Games DB's URL. EmuMovies still takes forever to get connected to, and then after it connects and you check what you want and hit Download is when you get an error saying things timed out to where even some of the stuff you checked off don't make it through. Thought it was just an EmuMovies thing, but even things in the Launchbox Game DB aren't being listed even after several days of them being seen on site.
  9. Yeah, I always use Default on both LaunchBox and BigBox. Seemed like maybe after opening LaunchBox and on the first try of right-clicking a game is when it gets that way about buffering to an unresponsive state, but I guess after that first attempt it doesn't get like that anymore? BigBox seems a bit slower now too. That other part of right-clicking to see "Open ..." not there until you right-click again is super-annoying too. I'm just glad someone other than me is making it known because sometimes it feels like if it's just one person with some issue, then it doesn't get taken as seriously in response or worked on as quickly. I mean it makes sense to tackle the issues most people are speaking of at the moment though, but it definitely does suck if a feature you often use is acting up with no immediate help around until it just does
  10. Not sure what is up with the latest Beta, but seems it takes forever for it respond on LaunchBox whenever I right-click a game now. Sometimes even Windows 10 gives me a pop-up to either close or wait too. I don't know whoelse is having this issue, but I even updated Windows 10 and my NVIDIA Drivers to it still acting this way. I'm also experiencing EmuMovies taking forever, but I want to assume that is on their end of things
  11. I'm always using the Default Theme in BigBox, and again I came across where I changed the Transitions for Background and Screen to "Door" and when I go to the Games, I get a Black Screen while still hearing the Video and whatever movement I make, but when I go back to my Filters I can see just fine, but when I back again to the main menu, that too is a Black Screen to where I have to Windows Key and close it off. I believe I've made mention of this before, but still seems to remain an issue like the Controller Support error too. Truly hoping I get some sort of word of support on what to do about those, or at least know these will possibly be getting fixed in later Betas. I know my lingo isn't to the level of most here, but would truly appreciate these matters being looked into since these are issues I've came across in testing many times over. Also having issues still where in LaunchBox when I Right-Click a Game, I sometimes at first don't see the Open option listed for whatever App it runs on unless I Right-Click it again to then see it listed.
  12. Any chance or solution on fixing the issue I presented earlier?
  13. So I merged some games, and still have this issue of a never-ending list that won't all go away even if I do Ctrl+A to select all and Delete
  14. Looks like the issue where you edit a game you merged and it tells you that you have too many controllers is still around. I even had a version of PAC-MAN for Atari 2600 that I kept deleting the Controllers on the list, but none of them went away. I ended up having to delete the game from LaunchBox and Import them back in again just to give a clean slate
  15. Okay, so while Importing the MS-DOS version of Ignition, I'm stuck on "Initializing import process..." and even clicking Cancel doesn't even stop it. I gave it more than 10 Mins. to see if anything would change, but nothing did.
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