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  1. NBA Jam Tournament Edition-01.zip Okay, so here is an image that comes up blackish-grey in LaunchBox & BigBox that came straight from the Database. Not sure why it does that, and I'm not sure why it even got accepted to the Database when it's clearly an image for the newer NBA Jam games instead of the one from the 90s on Game Gear and other Platforms. I'm sure I'm not the only one who tends to get a little annoyed when Background art has nothing to do with the actual title or has the game's logo already placed into it. I'm working hard to try when I can to give the Database some Backgrounds that actually are part of the actual title and not of the sequels or prequels. I'm sure most agree Background art with logos already in them tend to clash with the Clear Logo which results in a not so clean look and feel.
  2. When you say that..it reminded me of something I noticed a few days ago. My Startup for BigBox is like 9Mins long since I have like 60,000 games on a i3 with 8gb memory to be loaded up which may take a while to get ready. Sometimes the video stops before it's over because it finished loading up..but other times it plays all the way and still having me wait for everything to be done. Thing is I guess it's not exactly that way because once I adjust the volume while I wait is when things seemed to be ready in like 2secs or so. Not sure if @Jason Carr is aware of things like this or not..but I at first thought it was a random fluke kinda thing.
  3. Yeah..I checked everything you recommended. I'm a little weirded out right now that mine doesn't have all the features I remember as seen with @Retro808's though. Not sure what made this happen..but it would help so much if mine looked that way. I don't even remember where I got this version either
  4. Not on mine for some odd reason
  5. My Screen is 1366x768..but I thought I once remembered getting the resolution to change even though it's been about forever since I last messed with any of it until today. All I see is things under the Video tab now instead of a place to actually set the resolution size which I guess once was used in a different version. I've always kept it as "Double (Default)" though.
  6. I have about the same issue..and I wondered how the XBOX App would be like about that as well even though I've yet to try it. I do know I'm unable to map my Afterglow Controllers through LaunchBox..so because of that I can't use Home/Guide if I play straight from LaunchBox. I can map things through BigBox..so then I can map out even use the Home/Guide button only in that way.
  7. Okay so the KEGA Fusion issue is still going as far as the Pause Menu and coming back shades of green..even after doing what @Jason Carr & @neil9000 both recommended. Thing is I found out what seems to kinda help is when you come back from the already cropped to the upper-left cornered Pause Menu is to just switch between ALT+1 or ALT+2 for Normal or Double and things will look back to normal. Not sure why this seems to be the only way around this for now on my end though. I kinda hate being somewhat late in testing the Pause Menus for each Emulator I have..but was waiting until I could be able to do it all via the Guide/Home button. Not sure if that one thread for testing the Pause Menu per each Emulator is dead or not..but would like to maybe add some more input since maybe this thread isn't exactly proper to keep mentioning these types of errors I'm coming across as far as that goes
  8. Okay, so another Pause Menu issue happened with KEGA Fusion when I played Gauntlet for SEGA MasterSystem and what happens is the pause screen looks cropped off into the upper left which leaves the rest of the screen to look black, but when you return is where the game looks shoved over to the left with the game now looking several shades of green
  9. I'm not sure if it does this all the time or was a fluke, but I ran CCS64 and tested out the Pause Screen via Home/Guide button to where I ended up with a black screen I couldn't get out of..even when Alt Tab or Windows Key. I ended up having to Alt Ctrl Delete my way into Logging Out and Logging Back just to get things back to normal. The black screen wouldn't even let me use the mouse and seemed to disable the sound for a moment as well. Just very strange of it to happen. I'm sure we have a few here who deal with Commodore Emulation, so maybe one of you out there can relate to this somehow and let me know if this is common or not.
  10. I do happen to use Microsoft Paint quite a bit..so I guess I'll try that method too. I prefer PNG over JPEG / JPG after all. Makes so much sense it would change up as a post to where it was shockingly workable when @Jason Carr showed me here too. Thing is now we have to probably dig through the Database and fix the ones problematic
  11. In Beta 6 I'm still not getting that Box Front image I sent to show up
  12. I haven't tried it with any of my other controllers yet..just used the Wireless Afterglow PC/PS3 Controllers for now. As far ones with a Home/Guide button I some actual PS3 Controllers and some knock-off PS3 Controllers. I also have a Wired XBOX 360 Afterglow Controller, and a Wired HORI Fighter Commander Controller made for 360/XBO/PC as well. Others I have are PC Controllers by Sabrent which look like 2 Wired PS2 Controllers with 6-Buttons, and I also have a GigaWare PC Controller shaped like a PS2 Controller and a Steel Series one that also is PS2 shaped..yet the buttons on those aren't mapped like an XBOX Controller and even have no Guide/Home button. We also have a Wired RetroLink GameCube Controller and a Rock Candy 360 Controller as well. I guess I could add PS4 Controllers and XBO and XBO-S Controllers as well. I think that's about it as far as Game Controllers playable for PC unless maybe where talking some Bluetoothing of a MoGa or Wireless Rii keypad or anything like that goes Thing is it seems anything already working on a 360 and XBO is already working just fine and probably doesn't really need me to test things with all those though.
  13. I haven't really seen if that image shows up finally in Beta 5 of BigBox..but this is how I have things set though
  14. This doesn't seem to wanna show up as a Box Front for Windows in BigBox for some odd reason. All I get is a blank space from this exact image
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