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  1. I'm so glad you put in a blurring option now @Jason Carr, and I thank you big time for this as well since I hoped it would be this way too. I recently downloaded the Theme you had to kill the blurring, but sounds like I can go back to the Default like I always feel best to do since I feel that is best to help testing, and maybe will cause less hiccups with things too even though other themes seem so cool and tempting to try out later on. The numerical order thing sounds like such an amazing idea that I didn't even think of, but I know some games need something like that involving games that use roman numerals as well. Like we often see a sequel with "II" instead of "2" but then the third game as "3" instead of "III" like Mortal Kombat and a few others do. Not sure if there is a way to make it where "Mortal Kombat II" can go right before "Mortal Kombat 3" or any other game that does that too, but would be such an awesome fix if somehow it was possible though.
  2. Been forgetting to ask if by chance we can have a way to search or even list the "Versions" category. I wanna have a better way to sort the Hacks and Mods of some things
  3. In some ways I can understand, but I thought this is more about testing to see what seems to work and not work for some. I too am not a fan of the background blur, and wanna easily be able to do the new theme without it. I know I'm probably one of very few here who have like no knowledge in reading code or anything like that to go in and properly disable that blur because it seemed no matter what I did to even replace it with an old file it still would start up with a blur. I don't know how many like the blur vs not cool with the blur, but I really wish we could find some common ground on this since the new theme looks better than the previous other than the blur. I would really like to see it be an option you can turn on and off so all can be happy without the hassle
  4. I'm having trouble doing an Error Report. so I'll just post what I can here. It seemed to have happened after I launched the XBOX One App through BigBox. Once I closed the XBOX One App I was unable to use any of the controllers, but was only able to use the keyboard in it, but can't seem to Exit when I go to it though:
  5. Anyone else still having issues getting info to sync over from Wikipedia? I noticed it kinda stopped syncing up once they started their yearly beg for donations stuff, but even when it seems all that is gone from their site it still gives an error
  6. For some of us who don't really know how to code I still wonder when we can see the option to turn off the background blur. I haven't ran into much issues as of yet, but for anything at the moment with the Beta I'm kinda blaming my Laptop for some of the slow and crashing stuff unless anyone else says they too have experienced it
  7. Doesn't seem to do that for me, but after I click Okay when done editing it seems to now leave the background as default and not have any details on the side while it still has the game I just edited selected. That's if it doesn't go all the way back to the top of the list where the selected game is out of sight
  8. Not sure what it is but seems I'm now having times where a singular Edit ends up being a Bulk Edit?
  9. I like the translucency idea too. I think people would like to be able to slide on how the background will look. Maybe even something of a filter such as scanlines and all?
  10. I was looking around at that too, but haven't seen anything listed that I can optionally turn off and on. I think it would be a good idea if they did it that way though. I'm one of those that if something of a feature isn't of my liking that I at least want to have it something optional so that it's still good to someone else who will enjoy it
  11. With that it seems at most if I do that to just 1 game than if I do it in bulk which I find kinda odd because I would think doing a bunch of games at once would cause it to freeze or something, but I get it happening more with singular edits
  12. When it went back to the top I was Bulk Editing 2 games for the Series category
  13. I know, and I like everything else with the new theme other than the blur and some glitches I'm dealing with. So I think I'm gonna try and ride it out in hopes some of these things will improve in the next Beta or so.
  14. So far I'm having issues with when I select a Random game now that it displays the info and everything, but the cover being selected is nowhere in sight to where I may have to scroll a bit to find out which one. I also tried to Bulk Edit some stuff and then it took me all the way back to the top of the list instead of which set of games I was working on. I also get some slow down where it gets somewhat unresponsive when I Edit too.
  15. Is there a way of options that lets you unblur the background similar to before? I'm just so used to seeing the background and how I have things placed with them too
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