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  1. Hoping eventually we can search and sort the "Version" category. So many mods and hacks I kinda want to place together without all the extra digging since usually they're not found in the game's title section
  2. So in Beta 2 I tried again with adding videos in Edit, but got the same error as before, and then my Avast did this: I clicked "Allow App" and then I went to try again in adding videos to game via Edit, and then it worked fine. Very odd antivirus would get crazy about LaunchBox like that though
  3. Beta 2, and tried to run Tapper for the Arcade in which the Startup Screen flickered twice in a way I never seen it do before, and then this error happened:
  4. Still waiting to get Beta 2 going, but had this happen while trying to get my videos set back to as close to they once were. UPDATE: The video that was called "Pac-Man - ARCADE.mp4" didn't auto-rename itself to "Pac-Man-01.mp4" and gave that error, but once I went in and manually renamed it to that, it's working fine now. So no longer do videos force a rename once added in? Seems once I kinda thought I had most of the new way of doing videos, I hit another problem that kinda changes things again? I still hope to have it work like it used to before all the capture features where put in place. Those times where you can use a clip more than once from any directory you want from wherever without having to force a rename was the best time ever, and really wish it was all like that again. If only@Jason Carr & @C-Beats could find a way to make it that way again, it would be such a miracle I've long awaited for since that's like number 1 on the list of issues I'm dealing with as of now. Scrolling through BigBox in mostly silence unless it has music added in to a title seems eerie and depressing in some ways until the videos can get fixed back in all hassle-free.
  5. Haven't tried Beta 2 yet, but after getting through all the NET core stuff it decided to create a 2nd LaunchBox on my Toolbar when I already had one pinned. So I just unpinned the old one
  6. Shortly after the previous post I found out also if you rename a game and a video is attached to it, it deletes itself too. You can't even find it in the Recycle Bin either. What happened was I realized P.O.W.: Prisoners of War's Japanese name is Datsugoku: Prisoners of War. so I renamed it and once I was done, I found out that the P.O.W._ Prisoners of War-01.mp4 couldn't be found, and it didn't even get renamed to Datsugoku_ Prisoners of War-01.mp4 either, it was just gone away all together. I had to go get another copy of the clips made. So yet another problem with the way videos are has been found. I just hope it gets fixed soon, and good to see I'm not alone in all this either
  7. Even here in the US I have various Regions I work with, and for the longest I've wanted the LaunchBox Database to automatically use the Regional names instead of just the US ones. Like I have and still end up having manually rename them after I get the Metadata for it, and that can be frustrating. Japanese games tend to be much harder to go about that I have look in various places across the Internet in the best way these titles are spelled too that they may contain an accent of a letter or sometimes what is "U" ends up being "UU" in a game title, or what seems 2 words is actually one-worded. So I really hope getting the alternate regional names nailed down properly really gets going to save some time and hassle along the way for some of us who want a globally accurate collection. I think the only part that would get iffy is trying to figure which Series to label them under..like would we want Rockman and Mega Man to be known as the Mega Man series..or is it to be known as the Rockman series? Or probably some might want them set apart? I almost want say it's probably best to set them based on wherever in the world you live it can be set to the Region's name as to which the Series is labeled under or not.
  8. I kinda wish there was a way to make it like it used to be by just linking over what directory I want individually without forcing a rename and moving the video to whatever folder it feels like it wants to. Like even when I go to Edit I can't Right-Click any of the Videos I Add and set my own path via Browse, and if I click Remove Video it totally Deletes the Video within the Folder itself instead of just taking it off the list. I have to pretty much go and rename the Video just to remove it from the Video list in Edit. It's just becoming a total mess now. I'm working on my Arcade stuff and I have a North American clip for P.O.W.: Prisoners of War and a Japanese version of it too in which the title screens are different, but can't keep the clips set to their actual regions as I like to make things appear as accurate as possible, and it makes no sense to see a North American clip in a Japanese title and vise-versa. I really wish I knew a more creative way to getting around this and fixing it properly like it used to be before the capture features were put in place because it's done nothing but frustrate me. I guess what it comes down to is I want to be able to easily have clips set to their regions properly and not have clips fight over each other if they are connected to more than one title somehow. I basically am using that same path I sent a screenshot of, but this time I now have made subfolders that belong to each Platform such as Arcade and so, and I went to each Platform and edited to go to their proper new subfolders I made too. Every clip I have is in a mp4 format as well. Hopefully those details kinda give you an idea of what's going on with things on my end because I really want this issue resolved so it can be as much as it used to without it further frustrating me, and kinda not trying to confuse you in what I mean either.
  9. I have now made Subfolders and even thought everything isn't Titled exact to the game with a -01 at the end of it I have found that it seems to detect keywords similar to the game titles. So when I didn't set a game to a video clip I guess it automatically found one, and it was for the wrong platform? Before then I just had one larger folder filled with video clips of Gameplays and Commercials/Trailers without any Subfolders added in. So basically my Atari 7800 Ms. Pac-Man ended up using a Lynx Ms. Pac-Man clip just because I didn't go in and set it to the 7800 clip, so instead it kinda found whatever had Ms. Pac-Man in the title I guess and just kept with that clip only? Same with my 3DO version of Samurai Shodown didn't have clip set to it, so it just automatically ended up using the Game Gear version of it instead? I'm hoping now that I have made Platform Subfolders in my custom Video directory that this won't happen again. Just gonna be such a pain to manually get all these videos set to how they're supposed to be again. I had to make copies of some clips that were a commercial that mentioned several other Platforms in them just so they don't play tug of war over the same clip. My only thing now is trying to make sure I don't have the wrong clip playing for a Regionally different version.
  10. I'm really hoping in the next Beta or so the Video Paths get fixed to where they used to be before all these capture features were added in. I'm finding out it was no accident on my end that some games are showing the wrong Platform versions of themselves as a clip. Like I'm seeing the Lynx version BasketBrawl playing as a clip for the 7800 version & etc. It's getting more and more frustrating and I'm trying to hold out until things actually get fixed instead of going ahead and trying to reorganize everything all over again.
  11. Not sure if it's my own fault or not, but I'm kinda noticing some clips showing up on the wrong Platform now. Like I'm getting Lynx clips seen on some 7800 games such as Mrs. Pac-Man and then I seen the Game Gear version of Samurai Shodown seen on the 3DO version of it, All are directed from my own video directory and not from LaunchBox\Videos\...
  12. I'm one who is okay with some Images for games not being shared to several game titles due to it being of different versions, but when it comes to Video not sharing several game titles, I'm against that idea. One of the main reasons I want video clips to be used for more than one game title is because some commercials sell a game for various Platforms in one take. I would hate to make 3 copies for a commercial that sold the NES version, Genesis version, and Game Boy version of a game all in the same commercial just because LaunchBox was no longer making it able to share that game commercial to 3 different games. Maybe it's best to make it an optional feature within LaunchBox if you want an Image or Video to be shared to more than one game or not. Then once you finish Editing a game, it can then end up being as is without being renamed, or get renamed with something all encrypted looking to avoid it from being shared with another title like it sometimes does with Images. Doing it that way might help satisfy various tastes on how everyone wants to sort their media with their games without any complaints
  13. There are times I use a commercial which promotes the game for several Platforms, and this new way kinda messes that up for me, and the way I have things set is just clips in 1 folder and not any subfolders for Platforms or anything like that which would make anything with a similar name and a -01 at the end of it show up on the wrong Platform version. I just notice all the ones I haven't touched since the new way are doing just fine and don't seem to conflict. I really wish there was a way to go back to the way it used to be without all the conflict or tug of war it's doing of the now though. I don't know of anyone else who may worry they have to go back and spend countless time setting things up again with their videos like I may have to do.
  14. Video clips are still playing Tug of War with each other by forcing a rename each time you Add Video, but still can't be used to more than one game title. Like if I have "The Speed Rumbler - Arcade.mp4" and then Add it to the game through Edit it then becomes something like "The Speed Rumbler-01.mp4" or "The Speed Rumbler.ac7401a2-5d36-413b-adf3-51751f4562e6-01.mp4", and then if you try and Add it to another game title it then becomes something like "The Speed Rumbler.c7465dc2-840d-49ef-8905-fd3944f7e02f-01.mp4" and the previous game you Edited before with it can no longer be used since the file directory changed
  15. Okay..so I thought all was well with video clips, but just like someone else said, it appears the same issue with using the same clip for multiple games is still a problem. Like after I add in a clip, it then renames it to something encrypted at the end of the name, but when you try to use that same renamed clip, it'll rename itself again to where other games using it can't because the file name got changed, which means for now we have to make copies of a clip and waste hard dive space again until this is fixed. Why can't clips be used in more than one title like they used to? Seems the untouched games with clips that I added many versions of LaunchBox ago are fine though and likely are being able to be used more than once without this issue though. Also once I Edit a game. it still takes a while for things to get done from loading to what at times feels like it might crash or get unresponsive.
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