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  1. My next thought was similar to what you did which was that one time I Updated all of the games' Metadata which took like a week, and I think during it I had my connection drop to where errors came in after, and this was before the feature was put in place that you can import while doing anything else too. So long story short, I probably have some corrupted media. I mean I'm even seeing games with Box Art and Clear Logos that at times on the rare look disintegrated with teal speckles outlined to them like some sort of weird PNG transparency, and I also have games I swore I had media to, but had
  2. So I guess it seems not only do I still a have a problem where my Clear Logos in BigBox don't load all the way unless I wait a while, but happens again when I return to the same Platform I left. Along with that issue I tend to later on get a slowdown on transitions like the Backgrounds or other items and then later on the screen goes black to some screens I transition to, but I can still hear everything even when it gets that way. Sometimes before things slow down I also have no Clear Logos for Platforms loaded up, so I wait a while for them to show up again. Like I guess something with my stu
  3. I'm glad to know you all are probably still trying to figure it out, and I'm gonna try stay patient as I can in hopes you guys do come up with a solution for it in time. I don't know if it's because of how much I have in my library or what, and I have tried everything from cleaning out Cache-BB and doing Alt+Tab to watch the folder populate everything, to even doing a force populate through BigBox, but nothing seems to help it. All I know is if I wait a while like say I go to Game Boy and scroll until some don't load up all the way and wait like 2Mins or so, then they all load up and I never s
  4. Totally fixed the "Back" sound from sounding like the "Select" sound. Any luck on figuring out my glitch with the Clear Logos not loading up all the way on the Games list?
  5. I had an old version of JoyToKey I enjoyed for the longest, and even downloaded a batch file someone made here to close off JoyToKey after I closed out a game, but seems that old JoyToKey I had was made for Controllers via USB and not ones using Bluetooth such as XBOX One S Controllers & etc. I have installed the latest JoyToKey in which I would make copies of them and place them with game folder of whatever game I set the profile to it to avoid any conflicted settings, but seems these days they have JoyToKey not only with the ability to detect Bluetooth Controllers, but seemed to make its
  6. Still having issues with Clear Logos loading all wrong, but unsure if this is to be something that happens once and never again just to catch up with itself or not. I'm also experiencing with this new Beta that whenever I back out I hear the sound for when I select something instead. I'm not sure whoelse is noticing the "Back" sound is now the "Select" sound to where they both now make the same sound effect
  7. Still having moments where the Clear Logos don't load up all the way down the Games list. Not sure if it's one of those moments where it loads this way one time and never again the next time I return to that Platform or not though. I know @C-Beats was saying like he was still figuring that one out last time he mentioned it, so I don't really know if he had made any success this Beta or maybe have to wait to see any improvement in the next
  8. After removing ImageQueue.xml I came across a glitch in BigBox where the Clear Logos overlapped each other while the layer under it is where I started. I tried to screenshot it, but wasn't able to get it to show how crazy it looks. Happened in my Game Boy Color stuff though. I will try again to post that screenshot if it happens again
  9. I thought I was done earlier getting all the Media today I wanted to Update games I recently put Backgrounds into the Games DB and whatever else related to those titles too. So I find it odd to have it give an error and act like I maybe had more media to download after I was pretty sure the process was finished. I just hope the next Beta will patch everything about this, the black screen, and the clear logos not loading all the way too.
  10. Not sure what happened, but after I sent you the PM and restarted my PC because a Windows Update, I now am greeted with this error that closes off LaunchBox when I pick "Close". BigBox seemed to work fine, but seems while the error pops up is when LaunchBox is "Parsing EmuMovies". Just very odd
  11. Doesn't seem to help when I do it for the countless times I've tried that method to even Alt+Tab over to the Cache-BB folder and watch them load up in the folder to see how the process is going. I've even tried to force populate too, and still coming across issues. Like the only quick solution for me in seeing all the Clear Logos is by hitting Esc and going back to the list, but then what happens is you scroll a bit more and it happens again. Like if I wait forever for them all to load up, I can scroll almost all the way without them coming up blank until they appear. Thing is even after all t
  12. I've also been experiencing the black screen from time to time in which mostly happens with my Commodore 64 stuff to where even though it goes black when hitting Enter, I can hear it scroll around after I hit Esc and everything to where I end up having to Windows key and close it off with the mouse. Every time that happens, I end up changing the Transitions to that or whatever else seems to lag in hopes maybe that helps performance a bit. Commodore 64 is the largest library I have, so I wonder if it's just too much to process as a whole until things either develop better with each Beta or howe
  13. I mainly keep my stuff set as Default as I can for the most part without setting any Themes to it. I in a way feel that's best for Testing the base of things and not having to guess any issue I have might've been in result of a Theme being not 100% compatible with some changes in a Beta that comes along. I will PM anything at request to get to the bottom of this issue
  14. Still not sure why I'm having times where all my Clear Logos aren't loading up like they should. I've tried everything from cleaning out Cache-BB and force populating them back as well. but still no improvements as I wait for each Beta to maybe resolve it.
  15. So I turned my Arcade Cave Playlist into a Cave platform, but later on it wasn't seen in BigBox probably because I imported more ROMs for MAME and kept the Create Playlists part checked during the Import. So I went to rename the Unique Name to Cave again and put in the Banner and Fanart I made for it while adding in the Video Path and of course checked the part where it shows a Playlist with the Platforms, but then it seemed to then show me 2 Clear Logos, 2 Banners and 2 Fanarts. I Deleted the extras, but now the Fanart I picked only for Cave doesn't show up. All that comes up as Default for t
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