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  1. I kinda feel I've caught more lag since the badges, but I also think it may have to do with the specs of my laptop and my constantly updating everything and dumping the Cache-BB folder after every visit to BigBox since I found out how much Hard Drive space it was eating up after a while.
  2. We were playing through LaunchBox, but seems I overlooked the Exit Game part as it was set something which is likely R and L on those controllers which I never even considered was an option until I just looked further down the list of Mappings. I'll try and take a look at how it comes out on BigBox later though since sometimes it seems controller commands in LaunchBox don't always do what is set in BigBox and the other way around. As I can remember we didn't have any games exiting when in BigBox with those controllers though
  3. Okay, so my Wife @Haydee and I have been using the Retro-Bit Bluetooth SEGA Saturn controllers and seems when you hold the R and L shoulders together is when the game will exit. Not sure what mix of buttons my Wife did when button mashing, but when I held R and L together is when noticed it exited out of KEGA Fusion and 4DO so far. I already found it weird that these controllers earlier on kinda don't turn back on with the Home button unless you pair them again, but for some odd reason tonight they seemed to do okay with turning back on until the problem turned into one where it makes the game exit somehow. Retro-Bit told me on Twitter they are aware of the controllers not turning back on properly and are working on a Firmware update, but now I wonder on the LaunchBox/BigBox side of things as to what can keep the games from exiting if button mashing happens with these controllers
  4. Cool, I'll check it out when I get a chance. Kinda felt it would just bunch them together and not so much let you pick other versions if you selected. So many cool features and options within this that I tend to overlook on various ways things can be done. Just good we have a community here that is helpful and chill about getting things pointed in the proper direction needed though
  5. As far as multiple titled games go, I have yet to try in the past to combine them and hope if in BigBox they end up listed within itself if you select one or not. So I've always kept everything separate to where it now looks like I have about 20+ of the same game listed in a Platform which can sometimes be annoying. These can be things like Regional versions or Hacked versions of a game, and even some Revisions of it as well. If this is already possible, then cool, but if not then I would really like to see that happen so things can look much more tighty, and maybe even load quicker too
  6. Worked very well!! My only issue with this latest development version is trying to be able to do widescreen
  7. Project64 v2.3. I'm hoping they have an update too unless I overlooked one. I try stay away from RetroArch since for some unknown reason it doesn't wanna HDMI all that well for my projector setup. Not sure whoelse is experiencing some games on Project64 v2.3 that end up super brightening the screen in a way that only restarting the PC is the only way to fix it, but hopefully someone found a way to fix that issue too since I think I seen somewhere the programmer of that doesn't know what could be the issue with that brightening even though some have stated it. Makes me wonder if that freezing is another issue with Project64 v2.3 too or not which has me a bit concerned with that version more on the stability of it.
  8. It's the main view, like where all the N64 games are listed
  9. Not sure what happened, but after playing Perfect Dark while using the new Hyperkin Admiral controllers it decided to freeze like this. I had to Alt+Tab and close the window on it
  10. @Jason CarrVery understandable, and I know you mean well in trying your best in giving us as much of a flawless product as you can too. I will see about updating some drivers, and if not I will just hang in there and try do what I've been doing to get around it.
  11. I too have this happen at times, and even sometimes I have where it while force me back to BigBox in the middle of a game in which I have to Alt+Tab back to it, or sometimes things like VirtualJaguar or some other random Emulator will launch behind BigBox to where you have to either try and Alt+Tab over to it or press Esc to back out of the game and try to launch it again. I have also times where I will exit a game and come to a black screen in which I have to Alt+Tab back to BigBox. Much of the time when I start BigBox I found if I mess with the volume control that it somehow speeds up the waiting too. Some of these I've stated before, and some of these I keep forgetting to mention until someone here with something similar reminds me enough to state the issue or issues I'm having. Hopefully @Jason Carr or @C-Beatswill have a solution for any or all of these, but for now I kinda am dealing with it all as I currently am.
  12. I'm so glad you put in a blurring option now @Jason Carr, and I thank you big time for this as well since I hoped it would be this way too. I recently downloaded the Theme you had to kill the blurring, but sounds like I can go back to the Default like I always feel best to do since I feel that is best to help testing, and maybe will cause less hiccups with things too even though other themes seem so cool and tempting to try out later on. The numerical order thing sounds like such an amazing idea that I didn't even think of, but I know some games need something like that involving games that use roman numerals as well. Like we often see a sequel with "II" instead of "2" but then the third game as "3" instead of "III" like Mortal Kombat and a few others do. Not sure if there is a way to make it where "Mortal Kombat II" can go right before "Mortal Kombat 3" or any other game that does that too, but would be such an awesome fix if somehow it was possible though.
  13. Been forgetting to ask if by chance we can have a way to search or even list the "Versions" category. I wanna have a better way to sort the Hacks and Mods of some things
  14. In some ways I can understand, but I thought this is more about testing to see what seems to work and not work for some. I too am not a fan of the background blur, and wanna easily be able to do the new theme without it. I know I'm probably one of very few here who have like no knowledge in reading code or anything like that to go in and properly disable that blur because it seemed no matter what I did to even replace it with an old file it still would start up with a blur. I don't know how many like the blur vs not cool with the blur, but I really wish we could find some common ground on this since the new theme looks better than the previous other than the blur. I would really like to see it be an option you can turn on and off so all can be happy without the hassle
  15. I'm having trouble doing an Error Report. so I'll just post what I can here. It seemed to have happened after I launched the XBOX One App through BigBox. Once I closed the XBOX One App I was unable to use any of the controllers, but was only able to use the keyboard in it, but can't seem to Exit when I go to it though:
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