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  1. I probably should've wrote all of this down..but so far the features I wanna see happen are the likes of: >Home/Guide Button for Pause Screens >A Built-In Keymapper for each Game Title to where you no longer have to worry about setting up an App with the Title you Launch or trying to get it to close out when you exit a game properly. This would be good for all PC Games and whatever extra features some may want in their Emulations as well since not all of us are fond of a Mouse & WASD scheme. >Screenshots to show up when you decide to make videos play as your background in BigBox instead of the Screenshot section disappearing. >When Importing a game from outside the US you'll now get it's actual Regional name instead of its United States version name. To keep aware of the franchise a Regional title belongs to it will be bundled together in the "Series" section. >No more conflicting Artwork for Regional titles, especially if it's a Fanart Cover or anything else like that to where you no longer get annoyed seeing an American Fan Cover appearing in your Japanese or European game title of it that never goes away unless you manually go in to the actual folder and Delete it. >Artwork will no longer mix newer game art with older game titles & etc such as Mortal Kombat 9 logos and art found when you Import the original Mortal Kombat of 1992. >Better Metadata when it comes to Game Titles on a Platform with the same name. This happens so much on things like Commodore and some Arcade games as well. >Fixing where some Media gets part of a word during Import of a Game Title and ends up giving you a Cinematic of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" when the title you actually Imported was Arcade Zone's "Legend" >Something of a way to make playing older Windows games much easier with as close to a simple Import and play as possible without further hassle on compatibility & etc. Maybe like how there's a DOSBox built inside of LaunchBox? As you can see much of my concern is getting everything to sort itself much easier and display better without having to really do much work..especially for those of whom who are trying LaunchBox/Big Box for the first time and maybe don't know much about it. I know it's gonna take some years where all can just drop in their games in and have all the accurate details and media with all the games they Imported, but it's certainly what I hope for us to get to eventually. My Wife @Haydee likes to think of BigBox as sort of a Museum, which I love the way she puts it as that because you do in fact get to learn more about the games you mostly enjoy or never really knew much about it enough to where it makes you wanna play if all is accurate in details and media.
  2. Is something going on with the Database again? I was stuck at this for about 2Mins
  3. Ha!Ha!Ha! Well @Haydee & I thank you kindly for that as well
  4. Ha!Ha!Ha! Thanks, but she's a gamer too after all. We both are excited for the Android idea that came via Email. Either way things should be enjoyable, but if we can't make it to the stream, then I just hope many great ideas I had in mind will end up being mentioned by others since great minds do think quite alike.
  5. I'm getting married tomorrow, so hoping I can make it to the stream. My Fiancee is aware of it too, and might take part as well
  6. @JaysArcade Certainly would be a big help to me on figuring out how to get all my Pinball stuff going. Anything to relieve the frustration with it would be very much appreciated
  7. I really hope the Pinball stuff could at least be on hold or something and not totally given up on. I like the idea of it being handled the same as Arcade where you may have to use different Emulators, Apps, Programs & etc for different ones..yet still are Categorized under Pinball. I really hope with all these great minds of those who have dealt with Pinball on this level in various ways can manage to make this a dream come true. I guess if you really think about it..there really isn't as big of a fan base within Pinball this way as we would like as much as anything else that gets Emulated..and ever there were times when some Emulation probably had its difficulties in getting itself right too which mainly took time and many brilliant minds to come together in making it work better and better. I just hope the same will come of Pinball where things eventually get figured out as a community while more demand is behind it to be pushed to be easier to deal with too. If things just stay divided and frustrating about getting Pinball right while some behave as they do who work on it then it will only run off those who even thought it to be a really cool thing only to find more frustration than fun in it. I really don't wanna see it take several more years for the community to finally come together and give us a drama-free Pinball on a digital landscape. You know the Pinball community is bad if you got @Jason Carr giving up on it now when all he wanted to do is bring together something cool to it and make things so much easier for all the gamers in the world. At this point I don't know I can express enough on how upset this has got me after knowing something that already has frustrated me is found to have a messed up side within a community that should be about having fun with Pinball simply on your PC or even GPD Win or whatever without Codes. Egotistical "Rights", and so on. I swear it seems more and more easier to buy the real Pinball Machines than it is to play it on a digital scale as I read on about all this. Again I know we have some great minds here in there Forum and I know eventually you all will figure it out, and with knowing that I can feel a little more hopeful and chill about making Pinball so much easier to get up and playing through LaunchBox
  8. Sounds like there definitely needs to be a way for it to tell all that in the Version section as well as often we happen to have things like that where a PC Game, Arcade Game, or even a Commodore Game has the same name, yet ends up giving the wrong Art and Details with it. I still hope it all gets figured out to where things can be easier for everyone with a simple drop and Import without much issue. I wanna still be able to tell people that LaunchBox is the program that plays anything..even Digital Pinball Machines in all forms. With that being said..do we happen to have a section for all things digital pinball within the forum? Hoping to maybe at least get some of these machines running while we wait in hopes it can get situated on the LaunchBox side of things in lessening the headache I'm already having with it
  9. Wow! I've on and off been trying to figure out how to get all those digital pinball machines to play on something as simple as a PC, but from all the talk I seen above about this just seems to frustrate me further on getting things to work right without needing to build some sort of cabinet with multiple screens and all that while some just bash away when all should be played and appreciated in the name of fun. I truly hope @Jason Carr and others can make things possible as far as pinball goes without such a tangle against making all of gaming so much easier so we can get right to the fun of things as it belongs in the first place. In all honesty I just wanna play 3 digitized versions of some machines even though I'm such a fan of pinball stuff. If some wanna get all mouthy about it because they want credit for their work, the best I can think of is having them listed as a Developer to whichever machine they worked on making digital so everyone can know exactly who worked hard on it. I don't know much of this on a deeper and detailed scale of things..but as a gamer and artist all the way around I really think some need to lighten up and just have fun
  10. Seems I got lucky in checking to see how 0.184 does with all my 0.155 stuff, and so far for the most part it seems I may end up trying to gradually go that route. Good to know you checked on how far back things go though.
  11. About how far back of MAME does it tend to do this? 0.184 seems to be the next oldest I have which seems fine for all I have set in that version, and I tend to just leave well enough alone as much as possible if a version works for whatever title I have instead of just updating over and over again with everything whenever a newer MAME comes out unless a game is still way too unplayable within reason to update.
  12. Not sure what it is..but most of my MAME uses v0.155 to where now anything using that no longer Launches. I'd hate to go back and figure out what newer versions will actually Launch and play through it or not.
  13. I hope we can get a way to change which Emulator a title can be set to within BigBox instead of having to go back to LaunchBox to do it. Maybe even be able to change the Status within BigBox too would be nice. As we know not always the same Emulator is gonna work with every title on a Platform, especially if it's something of a Mod, Homebrew, or Hack. So being able to switch and keep it that way instead of "Launch with..." each time would seem better. I think "Launch with..." is still a good choice for times some wanna do 3DNES and then switch back to a normal NES look within the same title though
  14. @Jason Carrabout how far are we in getting something of a bulit-in controller mapper without having to hassle with other ones as an Additional App to be Launched with PC & DOS Games or anything else some may want to map a controller to? Isn't there a way to make it happen with some Hotkeying too? The thought of it seems to be bouncing around with me for a while..but unsure how easily it could work though.
  15. Almost sounds like we are getting closer to a Keyboard & Mouse to Controller Mapping thing eventually with all the Hotkey stuff..or at least I hope so. Would be so cool to have one without the hassle much with trying to get Joy-to-Key and others to Launch with PC & DOS games and then trying to get them to close right without it still being open and messing with the controls of other things after you exit
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