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  1. So I'm still having titles on the Game Wheel still take forever to show up unless I back out to the Platform Wheel and go back in again, but also the Game Wheel delays to scroll to the next game on the list if I press down just once. After checking a few more Platforms, it decided to fade white with a Pop-up about BigBox being Unresponsive with the choice to either wait or close it.
  2. Still having issues where the Clear Logos don't load up correctly on the Games Wheel within BigBox, and I also found out that when I go to change the Transitions for Game Background is when I get stuck on "Please Wait" for nearly 5 Minutes before finally letting me go back to the Main Menu
  3. Okay, so I'm still having problems with clear logos and text not loading correctly in the Game Wheel and sometimes the Platform Wheel too, especially when it comes to the Atari 7800 clear logo not wanting to show up at times. Also when I exit MAME, I have to Alt+Tab things back to focusing on BigBox. Not only am I having this issue on my ThinkCenter, but also on my Wife @Haydee's MSI Laptop too. I've also noticed the Pause Menu will show up in Redream when I have it set to the Guide/Home button, but when I choose to Exit Game, it just takes me back to Redream instead. VisualBoyAdvanc
  4. I tried that in previous Betas to think that would help, and even force populated in BigBox too, but nothing improved it. I have yet to Install Beta 9 to tell you if anything got better about that issue either, but will give you an update when I can UPDATE: So it turns out that even in Beta 9 I'm having the same issue, and seems even when I scroll back up the list is when some titles don't show up until I either wait a while or back out and go back in. I'm also experiencing time now where some of the list showed, so I back out and go back in to think it will make everything load the list
  5. The GamesDB website. I haven't had that problem within LaunchBox itself though as far as I know
  6. Sometimes, but doesn't do the whole list. Like I may get less than 10 or so that come up finally, and then when I scroll again I come up seeing more blanks. It even does this for games without Clear Logos too. All I know is if I back out to Platforms and return is when it seems to load the list up a bit faster even though still it has those blanks when I scroll for a bit
  7. Not sure who else is aware of this, but turns out if you're looking for something like "M&M's" in the title or anything else using "&", you'll be met only with whatever you searched before the "&" was used. So if you type in "M&M's", it'll come up as you just typed "M". For now, I found you have to use "%26" instead of "&" in the search to get the proper results. So if for instance if you wanted to look for something like "M&M's", then you'll have to do "m%26m%27s" instead. You might get away with "m%26m's" too, but have yet to try it. I just figured it out the sam
  8. Still loading up incomplete UPDATE: Beta 8 seemed to help the issue, but still have much to scroll through and see if it doesn't show up blank like before. UPDATE: I guess it didn't fix it after all
  9. So I went from the list not showing up all the way until I back out to Platforms and return, to now this is happening instead:
  10. I've been having yet again issues where the Clear Logos don't load up in the game list on BigBox. Seems also when I Download Metadata and Media in bulk I get stuff from the wrong Region, and then some game titles I have of the same name from another Region either lose all artwork too. I at times have even gone into the Games DB just to see if all things match to their correct Region, and even to find out they are set right, they still don't give me the proper artwork all the way. I've tried to refresh and force populate images within BigBox, and even deleted everything in the Cache BB folder,
  11. I think there needs to be something of a Branch Map that somewhat combines brand names into a Parent Category of brands that once were, and all the names they used to go by so people can easily group together all these various names as one. I think for ones that merged, you have them show up in both names they once were. Like BanDai NAMCO Entertainment can show up in both the BanDai group and the NAMCO group, but anything before their merger just stays as is. Like you won't have any 90s Power Rangers stuff in a NAMCO group or you won't have any TEKKEN stuff show up in the BanDai group at the t
  12. I'm stating it because it's conflicting with the Beta itself. If anything, then kindly recommend me a link to the proper thread
  13. So another in Arcade title that comes up as a file name is "Crime Fighters 2" aka "Vendetta". When I did a full Metadata Update and replaced everything it now goes by vendettaj instead of Crime Fighters 2. I did a search in the Games DB to find out Crime Fighters 2 is there with no other Alternate Name attached to it as Vendetta, but turns out also Vendetta is in the Games DB as a separate entry with Crime Fighters 2 attached as the Alternate Name for Japan. Thing is, I'm unable to delete the duplicate entry of Vendetta that has no Alternate Name attached to it. It doesn't even have all that m
  14. Big Thanks! It's running, but freezes up during the opening startup when I tried Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and NASCAR Rumble. Not sure if it's certain games that can run without this happening or not, but at least it's running though. UPDATE: Turns out it is certain games because Street Fighter: The Movie works just fine
  15. I seen on MAME 0.228 you can run PlayStation games, but having issues getting it to run that way since I don't really know all of the MESS commands. Wish I knew a list somewhere so I don't have to wonder about each time I see of another Platform I'd like to try to Launch through MAME, even if the quality isn't as great as other Emulators outside of MAME. I have the psx.zip BIOS and tried psx -cdrm in the Associated Platforms as seen in a Thread here about CD-i and tried it that way, but nothing happens. I have everything as the standard .bin and .cue instead of being made into a .chd, but
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