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  1. @Jason Carrabout how far are we in getting something of a bulit-in controller mapper without having to hassle with other ones as an Additional App to be Launched with PC & DOS Games or anything else some may want to map a controller to? Isn't there a way to make it happen with some Hotkeying too? The thought of it seems to be bouncing around with me for a while..but unsure how easily it could work though.
  2. Almost sounds like we are getting closer to a Keyboard & Mouse to Controller Mapping thing eventually with all the Hotkey stuff..or at least I hope so. Would be so cool to have one without the hassle much with trying to get Joy-to-Key and others to Launch with PC & DOS games and then trying to get them to close right without it still being open and messing with the controls of other things after you exit

    Demul problems

    I may have to get around to checking for a newer Demul then. Hopefully it solves at least more than half the issues I have at the moment.
  4. Any idea what setting I may have wrong that should be corrected for Project64 @Jason Carr?
  5. VisualBoy at times hides behind BigBox..and seems virtualjaguar tends to do it as well. Project64 brings you to a Black Screen..but seems everything else works okay. I still haven't checked the Pause Screen out yet
  6. Is anyone else having an issue with VisualBoy where it hides behind BigBox's screen and have to exit VisualBoy with a simple Esc key press for it to open properly on the 2nd try?
  7. I have yet to give the Pause Screens another try..but I come to a Black Screen when exiting Project64. I'm still checking up on other Emulators without the Pause Screen first before doing so
  8. I've also had this happen. Like I have really yet to experience what the new Pause Screen is like. I had Automation on and set the Pause to R3..and went to MAME 0,208 to see what would happen..and all I got was the same Pause as get in MAME 0.208 because I already have it set to Pause with R3 inside of MAME 0.208 which I'm unsure if it's because I set a Pause command to something already used for Pausing? I have no clue really. Just hope it all makes more sense to me later on in time with understanding..or by the time a new Beta happens. Either way I hope it gets figured out somehow
  9. Yeah..that's what I've been having to do. If you Windows Key and click the X on the Black Screen, then you won't be able to Launch anything is what I found too. You'll have to leave BigBox and come back so it can Launch stuff again
  10. Not sure why..but I ran MAME 0.208 and KEGA Fusion to where when I exit I end up with a Black Screen. Anyone else having this issue or know why it's doing that now? I'd hate to disable Startup/Shutdown Screens in hopes that fixes things since I work so hard to get my Startup Screens to looking nice Update: Turns out I already had MAME 0.208's Shutdown Screen already disabled..yet it still brings me to a Black Screen for some reason
  11. Mortal Kombat 11 & a New LaunchBox Beta in the same day? NICE! Thanks @Jason Carr
  12. Cool! Just let me know if it needs improvement or not, and I'll see what I can do about it if needed be
  13. RULLUR

    GPD Win

    I think in a Windowed Project64 I remember it running nicely, and much the same on a Fullscreen RetroArch for N64 as well. PCSX2 from my understanding can do okay with some games..but seems things with the Win 1 are less than i3 because my i3 HP Notebook does better than the Win 1. You have to get some addition plugins and all if you use ePSXe for it too because for some reason it gets extremely slow which is strange to me..but glad to see it now running at a much better speed.
  14. Okay..so I don't play a ton of Wii..but got the RetroLink GameCube controls set as: B = B A = A L = 1 R = 2 Start = + Y = - X = C Z = Z And pretty much everything else is by the main left stick. I will change things around later if requested. RetroLink.ini
  15. I've heard many mixed reviews on various N64 controllers. I been thinking of getting the ones that Bluetooth though, but seems they jacked the price on them recently. I often hear issues about the analog stick turning too hard on the slightest nudge and all that to where playing Racing games are a pain.
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