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Two Alls


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I had attempted to import some playstation cue and bin files and ran into some problems and none of them had worked so I ended up deleting them, I however was stuck with a second All under platforms, tried wiping the folder which was leftover but yet the label still remains and the app wont let me delete it


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Odd, do both actually show All items (ie. they both work the same)?  Check your settings under Tools/Options/Side Bar and uncheck the All item.  See if both go away or just one.  If both go away try reselect it and see if only 1 comes back. While on that side bar settings section, make sure you didn't accidentally rename the alt text one of the other two options to All (Show None and Show Exists).

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I unchecked it and one of them went away

As far as do they both show all items, the one doesn't even seem selectable in the original interface whereas in the next interface it shows everything for both.  There was an all folder in the launch box set labeled all that was housing all the bins for and cues for the playstation games but I since deleted that however can't for the life of me figure out whats going on with this one

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