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Hello! I was trying to launch some arcade games via LaunchBox and every time, it would kick back saying such-and-such files were not found.  They launch fine from MAMEUI64 and I know they're all there. These games were launching fine via LaunchBox a few days ago but ...something... happened?

It appears that when I go into the directory menu under Edit Platform, it decided to change the default directory for the games to within the LaunchBox folder, but all of my games were set up to be used from their original location outside of LaunchBox.

I redirected LaunchBox to load from the MAME ROM's folder but the problem is that I've got my ROM's and CHD's in separate folders and there's no option in the Edit Platform menu to select multiple locations for the games.

When I imported the MAME games I imported all of the ROM files, and then did another import and selected all of the CHD's so that they'd all be included but stay in their respective folders. Now it seems that LaunchBox has decided that I can only have them all in one folder. Unless I did something wrong?

So my options appear to be, 1. Create a category within LaunchBox for ROM's and a separate category for CHD's and import them all again, or 2. Merge my ROM files and CHD's into one directory.  What would you all suggest?


Also, it appears that when I import roms to a certain platform, LaunchBox is creating empty folders for those platforms in its Games directory (this is the one that LaunchBox randomly decides is where my game files are) even though I'm choosing to use the files from where they're located.  Kind of an odd behavior.  Unless there's another reason for it?

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Okay there is a little confusion here 1st off the game path under edit platform is always set to the default LB folder regardless of where your games are. 2nd you don't need to add your CHD files into LB you just need to them in MAME and they can be in separate folders as long as you point the MAME.ini paths to both locations. Also you can have games in different directories that are in the same platform.

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