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Emulation PC Build drive question


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So I'm building a small form factor PC for just emulation. I have a 120gb SSD just for the OS but it always seems if programs are installed on the main OS drive they always run faster, no matter the config. I was wondering if it would be more efficient to install Launchbox on the OS SSD, and have it pull the games from the HDD, or just install Launchbox on the HDD and have the ROMS and Emulators within their respective folders inside Launchbox?

Thank you

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Since LaunchBox isnt really "installed" but Located, best would be to put it on a internal sata hdd 2tb / 3tb, and add as much RAM as possible, i have a Ryzen 3 2250g, M2.ssd-240g, 8gb ram, and now a GTX-1050, with LaunchBox on the D drive (normal 2tb sata6)
I am going to up the ram to 16gb or 24g, if you want to cache the images faster, as for anything else the 8gb of ram was fine

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1 minute ago, Jaz808 said:

That's a smart move Neil9000, might try that instead of the Ram as it cost nothing but Time to try

And Cheers for the link to do it

Yeah it works well for  me, Launchbox and all my roms are on a 5TB HDD, but all the images that .Next and Bigbox use are loaded from the faster cache on my SSD.

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