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Nintendo - MSU-1 3D Cases (Updated)


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Nintendo - MSU-1 3D Cases (Updated)

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A set of MSU-1 Covers, in the UGC format.


New V2 pack, all covers so far now in two seperate packs, Single case or Dual case, You can use one or the other, or if like me you can use both.

The Reflection effect has been removed, this was asked for a few times..

60+ cases had some changes made to the front covers using the correct MSU logo's ie, Super Famicom games now using a Super Famicom Logo instead of the Super Nintendo one.

All cases to date are in these packs, and as far as im aware, this covers every game that has had an MSU-1 Patch.


There are 2 sets

Single Faced - 292 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles

Double Faced - 293 Covers, most have alternates using the USA/JPN and PAL cover styles.


These covers are not meant to be accurate representations of the original boxes, these are customs and are to be treated as such.

The naming is standard Launchbox/Super Nintendo Game names, so unless you have them named different, you should be able to drag and drop into the Box - 3D folder. (i recommend if you have my older boxes to remove them, and start fresh.)

(Note: Boxes are labeled using one of the options Single or Dual, if you want to use both sets, you will need to manually edit each title in LB and drag the new extra box(s) over and set it to 3D Box.)


A lot of these covers came from http://thecoverproject.net . Covers that did not exist i tried to make as carefully as i could. 

I am no artist, all the images contained in these Cases are from the net and are made by more talented people than myself,

i make these primarily for myself, so i hope you like them, and will use them.


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