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Repository: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game


Explanations in English: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README.md

Explications en Français: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README-FR.md


Beta version:  don't change anything in LaunchBox. Use it only with roms !

What it does:

  • It copies then compress everything about a game contained in the db of LaunchBox app.
  • It generates a short xml file with the main information about the game
  • It takes images, pdf manual, video, music, rom file.
  • It takes also the cheatcode files if you fill the path ('GameName-.')
  • It generates a tree view file.
  • 7z and zip compression
  • Backup datas about a game from LaunchBox xml
  • When PackMe run, creates an enhanced xml file, adding missing paths, additionally to the original backup
  • Permits to choose manually video, music, manual if db don't mention paths.
  • Contextual menu permits now to make some operations to construct the workfolder, to compress it later.


Why ?

  • Because as a french gamer i wanted to save everything i fill about my games and keep it for later, just in case there was a problem, reinstall or whatever.


  • Use it only with roms.
  • Don't move or delete files from the source (never)
  • It asks before to overwrite roms, manuals, music, video that are in the working directory meanwhile the copy (the target directory)
  • Currently it asks a global permission to overwrite for the image/pictures files, even if there is no image file in the the destination folder.
  • The clones are added only if they are grouped with a main in LaunchBox
  • Compression 7z and zip
  • It logs everything during the game treatment in a window, and a file.


  • Work in progress: Eliminate duplicates images files function in contextual menu (md5 calcul)
  • Filter platforms
  • Double Security on work folder
  • Find a better way to handle images files
  • Correct the english version
  • Carroussel to see image files to overwrite etc... (if necessary)
  • Mode silent without box prompt ? (All overwrite)
  • Mode silent without log window
  • Edit info in short list ? => it means to load total information of the game.
  • Splashscreen on loading
  • Ameliorate config with own browser system and box path editable
  • md5 Compareason ?
  • Move VFolder, HFolder, copyfile, reconstruct path (set a security basic path option)

About EBGame.xml and OBGame.xml.

This xml files are a first step to reinject games in LaunchBox xml files, but keep in mind, it's a beta.  This is why i didn't make a function to do it, to test,before, the reliability, so wait before to do it manually, please, or do it at your own risks.


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