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Ok I need some help on some of these terms in the mame importer.

Skip Unplayable - Games that don't work

Skip hacked - ?

Skip Prototype - ?

Skip bootleg - ?

Skip Mechanical - You will need an extra accessory in order to play (uncommon to uncheck this option)

Skip Mature - Adult Games

Skip Quiz - Trivia Games

Skip Fruit - Slot Machines

Skip Casino - Poker Games

Skip Rythm - Games similiar to Rock band

Skip Table top - ?

Skip Playchoice-10 - Nintendo Games that were adopted to arcade but still same quality

Skip Mahjong - Mahjjong Games

Skip non-arcade - These seem to be the bios files, they are not needed to play and just takes up space


I will update this as I get answers.  If any of my definitions ae different than what you understand please let me know.


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Skip Hacked = rom hacks

Skip Prototype = Prototype versions of games

Skip Bootleg = Bootleg versions of games

Skip Table Top = I believe 70s and 80s handheld electronic games

Skip Non-Arcade = These are games that weren't in the arcade or were console games. Bios are required for games to play if using a Split or Merged rom set. If you are using Non Merged roms the bios are included in the game rom.

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