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Good alternate name without scrap success


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I try to understand how the scrapping works. The game Finding Nemo (Europe) is named correctly Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo (alternate name) with the right region (USA), but still the scrapping find nothing in Emumovies. Do you know why? If I change the title name in LB (what I don't want), the scrapping is working !?

Any idea?

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Scrap it with the name you down want and after it downloads all the media you want, change the title of the game in the title box. It will still be linked to the correct game in the DB. I do this all the time. Lunchbox sometimes gives me a name I don't like with like Pokemon or Asterix with a little accent over the e and I always change the title after.

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@Jason Carr, could you tell us how the scrapping is working with Emumovies please?

 I updated the Gamecube game "Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie" with the US name "Peter Jackson's King Kong" and I thought that Launchbox would be able to scrap Emumovies with all the alternate titles. It seem's that's not the case, am I right? Do we need to use the US name as primary name in Launchbox? Thanks!

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