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rendering issues


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Having some issues with RA and LB configuration. 

Backstory: Was originally running a build with no graphics card and was using intel onboard graphics. 

Current story: Bought a GTX 1080 a week ago, went in to upscale some stuff for PS1 in RA for the first time tonight. Set rendering to Vulkan and started Tony hawk pro skater. Went into RA configuration during game play and tried to upscale but "renderer" was stuck on software. At this point I decided it was time to update RA anyways so I deleted RA completely out and decided to start with a fresh RA Build. I downloaded the latest build, set my default to Vulkan, loaded Tony Hawk Pro Skater, went into the menu on RA and was now defaulted to "Hardware" under the "renderer" section. At this point all was good and I began making some tweaks. 

After I made tweaks I went into Launchbox and relinked everything and fired up Tony Hawk again only this time in the menu I was on "software" with no option to change back...I closed out and opened RA outside of lunchbox and to my surprise it was still showing "hardware" with all my previous tweaks applied... At this point I went into Launchbox and deleted RA completely and relinked everything again, restarted Launchbox, and again all my settings were gone...once again I went outside Launchbox and directly started RA and sure enough all my settings were still saved. 

Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm pulling what little hair I have on my head out and I'm about to start pulling out nose hairs next. 


Using: LB 9.0, GTX 1080, RA 1.7.5, Beetle PSX HW 74bd755

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7 hours ago, neil9000 said:

There are two Beetle ps1 cores the standard and the HW one, make sure that in the associated platform tab for Retroarch in Launchbox is actually using the HW core and not the standard one.

Well..........as much Launchbox experience I have under my belt with custom configs and what not this shows you why I shouldn't be jacken with my build at 3 in the morning while im running on fumes... I woke up this morning with a clear head and your post reply and instantly knew where I was all jacked up at...Thanks Neil!

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