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PCSX2 not working in Launchbox


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Could be a few things going on. 

Firstly, you mean you have PCSX2 set up as an emulator in launchbox, correct?

Secondly, you imported some ISO PS2 roms into launchbox (not cue files if there are any)

Thirdly, you didn't move or rename the roms after importing into launchbox?

Lastly, you're not trying to run zip files, are you?

Edit: With these kinds of questions it helps to be as specific as you can.





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This forum isn't for pointing people to roms, but it does sound like that was your problem. The roms should be in .ISO format. You can check a file's format by right clicking it in windows and selecting properties. it should say ".iso". If they are in ISO format, you should be good to go. Just reimport one into launchbox (you can just drag the iso into the LB screen) and from there you can tell LB to move them into the games folder. If you move them manually to folder after import, launchbox will be looking in the wrong place. It's not a difficult system to get running provided you have the games and bios.

.GZ is another acceptable format for PCSX2, by the way. But if that's the format, don't unzip them.  

Always test your games in the emulator itself before importing to launchbox, for a lot of reasons. The main reason though is if you need help its easier to troubleshoot if we know that the problem is with the emulator and not launchbox.

Edit: Oh and welcome to the fray! :) It can seem a little daunting at first, but once you get the fundamentals you'll be smooth sailing. 

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