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Would you add buttons on cabinet for launchbox


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Hey all. 

I'm building my first cabinet and have been messing around with launchbox for a few days. I don't want to regret not adding a button for something.  do you guys recommend adding buttons for 'escape', volume, pause, etc?  or are you able to navigate launchbox/mame using the joystick and trackball. 

sorry for the noob question


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I'm in the process of building an arcade controller for Launchbox/MAME/etc. I plan to add buttons for exit, pause, start, coin, select and favourites. May as well have them if you're building it yourself! Wasn't going to bother with volume as it's not a cab, but I would want to have some kind of volume control in a cab. I know some folks use button combinations to access these functions, but I'd rather have it plain and simple!

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Thanks Dan, I appreciate the feedback. I thought i would need them but i rarely seen them on peoples builds and then i read in another forum where the person regretted putting on the extra buttons.  so I was kind of stumped on what to do. I know i could use 1 button as a shift key but yeah i think i would rather have a dedicated 'exit', 'pause', 'start' etc  button also.


thanks again for your feedback 

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It might be cool.  i was laying out my setup on the control top to get a feel for it.  the more buttons make it crazy and confusing for me but it could be that im in my 40s (because my son plays games with a keyboard and seems like every key is used and he understands it LOL. too much for me...   "danger will Robinson." 

I ended up drilling holes for 3 additional button at the far back center.  1 would likely be pause, and the other could be a shift/hotkey. i don't know. but the holes are there. lol. 

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