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Naming MS-DOS games versions


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I'm currently testing the free version of Launchbox and already fallen in love. It's running on Windows 10 x64.

I would like to import my D-Fend Reloaded MS-DOS collection into Launchbox and I'm wondering which would be the best way of doing that. I currently name the folders of the different versions of the games according to the media and language. I'm from Spain but I like to have both spanish and english versions of the games, when possible. Also, the floppy and CD versions are desirable if available. For instance, I would have an "Atlantis_Floppy_ENG" for the english floppy version and an "Atlantis_CD_ENG" for the english CD version, an "Atlantis_Floppy_ESP" for the spanish floppy, and so on. Needless to say, that naming confuses Launchbox and the scrapping is far from ideal.

First question: Is there any way I could parse and scrape my collection without manually having to input all the titles one by one? Or am I screwed because of my folder naming convention? Right now, half or more of the games are not recognized because of the folder name.

Now onto the second question, how can I set the media and language so it's easy to differentiate between versions? Right now I only see the title and the developer. The details panel shows genre, year, etc. but no media or language. How can I display those fields?

Last but not least, D-Fend Reloaded uses its own profiles (.prof) instead of the default .conf for DOSBOX. I've found those .conf can be batch generated and I assume they can be easily imported into Launchbox, correct?

Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

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Launchbox ignores everthing in a file or folder  name that's in brackets so maybe if you used a mass rename and renamed everthing from _Floppy_ESP to (Floppy_ESP) for example you might have a better chance of importing correctly. And for games you've already imported you could edit the xaml directly and again do a mass find and replace to fix the paths.

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Bumping my own old thread, as my question remains valid (for me).

I've "recently" acquired the premium version and was wondering if there is some sort of feature that might help me out.

The questions from my first post are intact and I would love to be able to avoid having to go through my entire collection renaming folders so Launcbox can properly parse and tag them, and also download the art. Any ideas? Please pretty please with sugar on top?

I've found in the forum some threads talking about importing the shortcuts, but that didn't put a nice collection filled with artbox in my Launchbox section, I'm afraid. I'd like to have the awesomeness and beauty of a nicely ordered and displayed collection of stamps that is populated automatically (as much as possible).

Thank you very much!

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2 hours ago, NightShadowPT said:

Have you tried the MS-DOS version of LaunchBox?

Haven't tried it, had seen it before but that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

What I would like to have is as nice and seamless as possible transition from D-Fend Reloaded profiles (which are stored in .prof but can be batch converted to .conf) to Launchbox, so the settings for drives, graphics, joystick, etc. are kept. I'm afraid no such thing exists and I'll have to redo my collection...

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