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Xtension Alpha-Cade (Joystick not working)

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Hello all,

So here's the thing. I recently purchased an Xtension Alpha-Cade. The control panel is working perfectly with my Raspberry Pi / RetroPie setup. Now, I'm trying to set it up with my PC and Launchbox / BigBox. I've done the "Bind All" for Player 1 and 2, and the buttons and joystick are working perfectly for the Mame cores / games. The problem is when I play any other system / core such as Genesis, TG-16, Nintendo, etc etc ... the buttons work fine but the joystick does not function. I've tried to set up on a core by core basis but it doesn't seem to hold / save the bindings. This is an IPAC2 decoder and Xtension does say that it works with MAME out of the box. But why won't it work with other Retroarch cores when it has been configured with "Bind All"? Why would the buttons work but the joystick doesn't?

Arghhhhhh, so frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Go into RA input settings go to input user 1 binds and change user 1 device type to retropad with analog

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