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  1. tvguy

    NeoGeo and SNES

    Then why the heck am I getting a black screen on SNES, NeoGeo, and GBA when other games are working perfectly. I have the proper cores, everything exports to Android properly. SMH.
  2. tvguy

    NeoGeo and SNES

    I have Turbografx, Nes, and Genesis working on my LG V40 with Launchbox using Retroarch. But I can't seem to get NeoGeo or SNES working. They extract games and load to a black screen. The neogeo.zip bios file is in the game directory for NeoGeo. Also, NeoGeo doesn't give me the option of using Neo.emu as an emulator which is kind of strange. SNES does the same as NeoGeo, files extract to a black screen and the game never loads. Which cores are you guys using for these two game systems? I've tried many different cores with the same result. Thanks for any help you can give me. **Edit, having the same problem with GBA games - they extract to a black screen**
  3. tvguy


    I just recently came across a video for the game Dolphin Blue and was dying to play it. After following a few tutorials, I couldn't get it to work properly and was having problems with the BIOS and setup. I really want to thank those of you who pointed us in the right direction, the awbios being in romset 0.174 -- once I obtained the proper bios file, everything worked swimmingly. Thanks so much. I know this is an old thread, but I'm glad these threads are archived so people can still find them. Very helpful
  4. Thanks again for the ColecoVision art I have one last request -- can you put together a background of boxes / screens from all systems and label it with Favorites? That would be epic. Thanks again
  5. That's terrific -- COLECOVISION Please
  6. @DOS76, I tried that, it didn't work. Thanks
  7. Hello all, So here's the thing. I recently purchased an Xtension Alpha-Cade. The control panel is working perfectly with my Raspberry Pi / RetroPie setup. Now, I'm trying to set it up with my PC and Launchbox / BigBox. I've done the "Bind All" for Player 1 and 2, and the buttons and joystick are working perfectly for the Mame cores / games. The problem is when I play any other system / core such as Genesis, TG-16, Nintendo, etc etc ... the buttons work fine but the joystick does not function. I've tried to set up on a core by core basis but it doesn't seem to hold / save the bindings. This is an IPAC2 decoder and Xtension does say that it works with MAME out of the box. But why won't it work with other Retroarch cores when it has been configured with "Bind All"? Why would the buttons work but the joystick doesn't? Arghhhhhh, so frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thomas
  8. Dude, thank you so much. This was making me completely batty. I couldn't figure out why my ipac joystick wasn't working. Something so simple and it's fixed. Thanks a bunch for this solution.
  9. hey there, I'm having the same problem with the joystick not working. What were the values you used in the retroarch.cfg for the joystick up, down, left, right to get the joystick to respond? Thanks
  10. Hello, love your theme but it is missing the ColecoVision platform picture. Where can I find this? Thank you
  11. Hello all, When I launch Big Box, all of my arcades / consoles have beautiful logos with the exception of NEC Turbografx-16 and SNK Neo Geo AES -- these are strictly TEXT. Where are the logo files located, can they be changed / updated, and is there a way to add the logos for these two categories? Thanks
  12. tvguy

    Neo Geo Art

    Hi, I tried again. Chose Add Files (rather than folder). Chose platform NeoGeo and Scrape as Arcade. Selected Mame option at end of import. This time I got about 40 of 170 covers appear. If I try to edit any of the games with missing covers, such as Baseball Stars 2, there are about 7 images to choose from, but none of them are the cartridge box art. Really weird. The naming convention of the files is Mame formate, but the names translate perfectly fine during the import process. Also in Launchbox, they appear as the proper names. Thanks for your help (so far
  13. Hello all, I've added all of my systems, 3000 games so far, nes, snes, n64, gamecube, wii, etc etc and haven't had any problems with game art downloading. I just added all of my Neo Geo games, ran through the import process, added 170 games successfully, but no cover art was found / downloaded. All of the games work just fine using retroarch, but there is no game art whatsoever. This is the first time this happened to me so I don't know what could be causing the problem. Even when I edit individual games and try to download the art, it does not find it. I've watched several YouTube videos of guys importing Neo Geo games and the game file names are the same as mine, yet the cover art imported fine for them. Any ideas what could be causing this problem? Like I said, I've had no problem with any of my other emulators / games. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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