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Allways same game runs even when selecting another


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I have a weird issue. When i run a game, like a American Lasergame "Crime Patrol" for example, it starts up. When i quit the game and want to start up another game like "Mad Dog McCree" for example, the previous game "Crime Patrol" start in its place. Same thing when i change platform, like a Atari game, then "Crime Patrol" starts in it's place. Is there some kind of gamebuffer that keeps the game in memmory somehow? Launchbox V9.3


I have a little progress, when running other platforms, then this is running OK.

But, when running American Lasergame, the DOS Command box stays in front and i don't see the game, only hear the sound. When i ALT-Tab, then it shows.


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image.thumb.png.7f1eeed31802c5f18200de796a665f3b.pngFound the solution: For each game Create a so called new emulator.
For Emulator name: Give it the name of the game (Mad Dog II in this example)
Add path to the *.bat file
Tik the boxes shown in image
For assoiciated Platforms: choose "American Laser Games"


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You do not actually need to do the emulator step as long as your .bat file has the correct command to run the game. Just point Launchbox to the .bat file as the game. When you leave the emulator unchecked LB will ask you to assign one. You can just choose not to and close it out.  


Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.54.11 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 9.54.20 AM.png

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@Roverius My bad you mentioned the hide window from the emulator tab. Yeah that way would only work with how you mentioned you did your setup. I don't know why I was only thinking the Startup options.

The way I mentioned works if I set the Startup Load Delay to 1 second. The blank screen does not appear and the game launches fine. 

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