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I present LaunchBox media Manager. I preface that I built this for me thus the functionality may not suit everyone's needs but I'm open to feedback.

Download here: LINK

What it does:

  • Select your root LaunchBox Directory.
  • Platforms, Image types, and Game lists will populate.
  • Select a platform and image type.
  • Select a game and see the current image for that title and type. Choosing "Gallery" will show the Box-Front, Marquee, Fanart, and Clear Logo.
  • Drag an image on top of another to replace it or add it to the appropriate folder and the with appropriate name for LaunchBox recognition.
  • Click the "Missing items" filter to only show games that are missing that particular image type and quickly update them by dragging and dropping.
  • Search the web for images for a game title.
  • Open the images directory from the app.

1.4 Updates

  • Added delete button for images and videos
  • Added multi-image viewing
  • Reworked code to account for images with -01,-02,-03 more effectively and reduce inaccurate results.

1.3 Updates

  • Cleaned up interface
  • Changed color scheme to gray
  • Added support for manuals (adding, viewing)
  • Added support for PinballX media management (this is disabled and will only be enabled by request as I'm not sure anyone else but me wants it and I want this to be Launchbox focused)

1.2 Updates

  • I forget, lol

1.1 Updates:

  • Added platform name to web search and remove "images" as well as open images tab in google
  • Added functionality for videos (snaps and themes)
  • Added ability to copy and paste images from the web (direct image and url)




To be done (based on feedback):

  • Add functionality for music

Beta thread here: 


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