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  1. hey igotdvds is there any progress in this app ? the last update I have is 1.6 and the link here is dead.
  2. can i really put more than one starting videos ? Really ....how can I do that ?
  3. Hello Everybody is there any custom wheels for Big Box ? like for example a circle wheel or any way to change the wheel visuals style other than changing the games clear logo.
  4. excellent .....once I fully finished from my library I will do it, I have more than a Two Tera bite of media files for almost all platforms out there Collecting them for over a ten years , I will not have problem doing it . thank you very much for your help Retro808 .
  5. my bad thanks anyway only one last Q hows the community maintain the database ? if you don't mind of course .
  6. hello guys I have two questions : did lunchbox database actually have a missing platforms ? because the platform am looking for which is the super Nintendo is not excist in the platform list in lunchbox. and there's a lot of missing media files specially for Fujitsu FM-7 , there's only two games . and that lead me to the second question , hows the lunchbox database being updated ? is it by the moderators or by us lunchbox users ? and thanks to you all
  7. WOW .....I was sure that there no way am surprised THANKS CMOSS Edit : it works thanks but first you need to put the text files into archives just highlight the files & convert them all into zip or 7z files . thanks again
  8. Dear gents is there a way to download all media library for one specific system without to include the games roms ? will.... I lost all my retro collection yesterday including my lunchbox software & media, more than five Tera Retro collection of all game system out there. lately ..I wasn't play games so much most of my time just collecting , and I really like to have a visual library for all game systems. & now I have no time to download all of them again , so just want to know if there's a way to let Lunch box at least to download all the available media files without to add roms ? I know its a silly question but am desperate here . thanks
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