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Does LB 'remember' failed imports?

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Got a steam game that won't import and I'm mega confused. It parses at the import dialogue as normal, but then says "0 games were successfully imported".

the only reason I can think is the first time I tried to import it, it wasn't recognised at all, (although it was in my steam library, I don't think it was in the database) , so I tried manually importing it as "none of the above" pointing directly to it's steam exe .  I've since deleted it and now want to re-import properly. I've had a look through the xml's but can't find any remanence.  Is there any other reason it wouldn't import?

the game is question is called Rifter btw if that matters.

thanks in advance.

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try importing it again and check the box to force duplicates during the import process.

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oh good idea,

but that isn't an option for steam import.
do i just try to import manually again then? does that affect steam games in any way?


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