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How to add Retroarch built-in games like Cave Story or Mr. Boom?


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Not sure if this will work for you or not since I have not tried it with those specific cores but I have done it with the Cannonball Outrun core.

Make a batch file in your Retroarch folder, edit the bat file with notepad and add the following line to it:

retroarch.exe -L "cores\cannonball_libretro.dll"

Replace the cannonboall_libretro.dll with the core you want to load. Duplicate the batch file and edit the core being loaded for each. Once this is done simply import the batch files using the importer using the "None of the above" option at the beginning.

This should work.

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Thanks a lot!

I did it in a similar fashion. However, I didn't use a bat file (instead: give Launchbox just a fake file which does nothing). Then I setup Retrorarch with the correct commandline parameters in Launchbox. E.g. for Cannonball (prepare for some German screenshot incoming!):
image.thumb.png.6625b6a0ee90641aa2553e7aa4a7f6da.pngNote the command line parameters: the third argument must point to the epr-10187.88 from the MAME outrun.zip.
(As you can see, I have Launchbox installed on E:\Launchbox - adapt to your installation as necessary).

My problem with the bat files was, that there always was a window opening of the command shell. The solution with using Retroarch from Launchbox directly works like a charm.

From the other two games I tried, Mr Boom is the easiest to setup. Just download the core in Retroarch and provide the following command line:

-L "cores\mrboom_libretro.dll"

Btw great game (up to 8 players) and Retroarch takes care of the gamepad mappings!


Cave Story (NXEngine) needs a little bit more of preparation. See https://docs.libretro.com/library/nxengine/ on how to download the content. Then use the following command line:

-L "cores\nxengine_libretro.dll" "E:\LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch\downloads\Cave Story (en)\Doukutsu.exe"

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