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Launchbox Version: 9.7

Windows Version: Windows 10


Issue 1: When going through the themes in theme manager in BigBox. Sometimes it doesn't load the images to show what the theme looks like, and then sometimes when I go back to a theme it does load the images. So it doesn't always load the images of the theme

Issue 2: When going from one theme to another it takes a while for the details of the new theme selected in the list to show, or it does not show the information of the new selected theme at all. It stays on the previous theme's information

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Unfortunately this is due to connection issues. I know for a fact at this point that some crappy ISPs are heavily blocking/slowing down LaunchBox traffic. I know at least Comcast does it at this point, and I'm guessing they're not the only ones. I'm not quite sure what we're gonna do about it, but for now, the only real solution is to use a VPN. Comcast seems to slow down LaunchBox traffic at peak times of the day, and I know they're specifically focusing on us because it's not the server and when I connect to the VPN it gets more than ten times faster. I believe this is all due to the FCC's horrible decision to get rid of net neutrality.

Anyways, I'm not sure if changing our IP address or domain will make any difference, but I'm going to give that a shot here soon. For now, I would highly recommend ExpressVPN or another VPN solution. That way, your ISP can't slow down your traffic based on what you're doing.

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1 minute ago, AVissie said:

Thank you for the response, appreciate it. I am not from the US so not sure if it's an ISP problem or not

Sure, okay. It's still connection issues of some kind, though who knows if it has to do with your ISP slowing down LaunchBox traffic. Sometimes overseas the connection can just be slightly unstable or slower than usual. You could still try a VPN to see if that helps.

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