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Update all Launchbox Media files by EmuMovies if you have 15,000 games

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Hello, I don't know where to make this query. I happen to have a computer with a 2 Tb hard drive. I have downloaded all sorts of media files for each game and I have an account in EmuMovies, but the problem I see is that I do select, "YES, UPDATE ALL EXISTING FILES, PRIORIZING THAT THEY ARE EMUMOVIES" begins the system to download, but to be 15,000 games, I have estimated that the process takes about 400 games per hour, which is a barbarity of time on.

There is no option to do this update in parts so as not to spend 40 hours downloading content, if for example you spend 5 hours, the next time continue where you left off.

In the end the idea is to have the Launchbox platform with the most PRO visual style updated with EmuMovies, which I understand is better.

Thank you for your help 


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I did not really see you ask a specific question in all this so taking a stab at what I think you are asking. I think you are wanting to know if there is a way to download media in stages. What you can do is download a platform at a time. Choose a platform click on a game and hit CTRL+A to select all then go to >Tools>Download Metadata and media and follow the same prompts.

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