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Justine Randell

What Is this ERROR?

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 What is this? Can you help me how to Fix this? @neil9000 and @Lordmonkus can you help me with it?
Sorry... I don't know who can help me with it.. so PLEASE.. Help me with it..
Is this normal?

It's Already POP when i Launch BIGBOX in Launchbox for the First time?
Tell me when it is just Normal...

Thanks in Advance!! :D sa.thumb.png.35bf5ab9e1f3cde8b194ce301f5225fc.png

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[My English is Bad]

Ahm!! Sorry... I've already solved my Problem now... Cause i've already Read the Log...

I Refomat my PC To install the .NET frmework 4.7. and
I Noticed that 4.7.1 works on Windows 7 SP1 and Install it.. It works
But the problem is... Because I Install that 4.7.1 Version.... My Launchbox Hangs....

The Error log Conveys that i've installed the Framework 4.7.1 during the Installation
Then the error starts when i Installed the 4.7.1 version
to fix it i Roll back it into 4.6.2 again...

Very goodwork for myself Thanks! :D :D :D  

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