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  1. Ahh... Hello sir, I love how you create this awesome Theme but i have a question... is this theme will work on 7.10 version of launchbox?
  2. Hello guys! i'm looking for Metadata.xml do you have at least updated file?! mine is old, can't identify what roms am i searching when adding rom because my metadata isn't updated... I've also tried to update the Metadata file.. when adding games but it's freezes when almost completed... then it'll close... Ahmm.. guys could you give me one file of your Metadata file?! :) :) thanks in advance and considerations!
  3. ahhmm... Oh my, could you recommend a fast Theme for Bigbox? And anyway, thanks forresponding! :D
  4. Helo Every one... There's a problem on my Bigbox.. could you fix it? Ahmm.. My Default Theme was Critical Zone and the Default Theme when i changed my Theme, for example I changed my Critical Zone Theme into Switch theme... and click on the 'View all Games' then this Message Shows! please something's wrong with my PC or the Bigbox? plss.. help me.. Thank you in advance have a good day! :D
  5. Can someone give me a link through it? or Email me.. Thanks... ❤️
  6. Hello... guys... can someone help me find the version of 7.12 or 7.11? I know, i used an outdated version of Launchbox -- but the same version i have -- the 8.6 version is too laggy... I've try the older versions... 8.5, 8.4, 8.3 and so on... but it still lagging.. I do love my old Launchbox 7.10 but i can't find it on my Launchbox Folder (I Think I Delete it...) Sorry for Disturbing.. but can someone help me.. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Ohh... Thanks ❤️ What a Helpful man... Thank you Sir!
  8. So no need to use license? Sorry... I can't get it... could you tell me how?
  9. Oh.... Didn't expect that.... so to use Bigbox features.. we must use the Newest License? or Forever License? Thanks by the way... @neil9000
  10. @Jason Carr, is this Launchbox Android use a Launchbox License in order to use bigbox? or the Bigbox wasn't yet fixed? #Didn'tTestedBTW
  11. Hello Ev'ryone! Can anyone please help me? I just want to edit my Launchbox Theme, Launchbox Background Music, Or Exiting it This F*king ESC button isn't working... on my Bigbox I test ev'rything! 1. Delete the current Settings.xml on Data Folder... 2. and BigBox Settings too... 3. Test all of my keyboards (I only have 2 Keyboards) 4. Using On-screen Keyboard (To see if my BigBox has a problem or it is just the keyboard i think) 5. Using JoyTokey (Assign a 1 Joystick Button as a ESC button) 6. Testing PCSX2 (because it closes EMU when pressing ESC - And it works) 6b. Testing the dolphin Emu ( IT closes too..) 7. Using a Keyboard Tester.. (KeyboardTester.com) Now when i Press ESC it doesn't show my Bigbox Options show the View... platforms... Sources.. ETC ETC OR the Switch to Desktop mode... OR EXIT Can you tell me how to reset all keyboard button to Default? OR Reset my Bigbox Settings into DEFAULT? thanks in advance!
  12. Nuh uh... Not working Bro.... JUST KIDDING!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! That SCRIPTS HELP ME!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I owe my life for you!!!! I think i'm in love with you bro... Just kiddin' HAHAHAHAAHAHH we took 7 Hrs.. to solve this problem!! What a relief... Thank you bro you save my life!!!
  13. but thank you for you help @Retro808, you're the legend ❤️ Thank you Very much... Ahmm.... I think this Topic is now FIXED thanks to you... Don't be confused.. It's so easy... if we only have DeSMume Command-lines... But it seems there isn't have any fullscreen Option.. Or Editing the Hotkey Config... OK Thank you! ❤️
  14. Ok... First.. I'm using the VBS file... before i Report it in our Forums... then i use the EXE file... Due to the 2 Options; 1. VBS - Yes it's Fullscreen but can't exit the Emu using the ESC 2. EXE - Yes it can close the Emu by the Scripts you provided.. but can't launch at Fullscreen...
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