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  1. Could you give me an alternative Theme of CriticalZone Theme with Background Video support? There are many Popular Themes in the Download Section but... I want the Simple... With Background Video support on every platforms... TY Example: When editing the Game View... As like for Listings, Name with 3D Boxes.... With Default Background Video Theme for any platforms? Thanks in advance!
  2. [My English is Bad] Ahm!! Sorry... I've already solved my Problem now... Cause i've already Read the Log... I Refomat my PC To install the .NET frmework 4.7. and I Noticed that 4.7.1 works on Windows 7 SP1 and Install it.. It works But the problem is... Because I Install that 4.7.1 Version.... My Launchbox Hangs.... The Error log Conveys that i've installed the Framework 4.7.1 during the Installation Then the error starts when i Installed the 4.7.1 version to fix it i Roll back it into 4.6.2 again... Very goodwork for myself Thanks!
  3. What is this? Can you help me how to Fix this? @neil9000 and @Lordmonkus can you help me with it? Sorry... I don't know who can help me with it.. so PLEASE.. Help me with it.. Is this normal? It's Already POP when i Launch BIGBOX in Launchbox for the First time? Tell me when it is just Normal... Thanks in Advance!!
  4. But Sir.. I've already have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 but it can't Install because my System isn't supported it
  5. Hi Guys! Do you have 9.2 Version of Launchbox? Because i have 9.7 Version but it can't installed the Microsoft NET Framework 4.7 because my System isn't supported that Version... My System supports 4.6.2 but 4.7. not... So PLEASE Could you HELP me? Where can i Download that Version? And where is the link for Previous Versions of Launchbox?
  6. Hi guys! Can you help me? I Have a 7.1 Version of Launchbox/Bigbox.. The 9.2 Version isn't supported at my System... because it needs a Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 But my system can only Install into 4.6.2 version Can you suggest me a Higher Version of Launchbox 7.1? Thanks in Advance!!!
  7. Oh! sorry for intruding?! It works! Thank you?!
  8. Sir Lordmonkus, I mean.. I see the CONTROLLER Section in OPTIONS.. my question is how can i ENABLE them and Configure it?
  9. Is Bigbox supports Controller (PLAY Games without using Keyboards or Mouse)? IF YES, how can i Enable Them, and Configure them? Thanks in Advance!
  10. Oh my! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You save my LIFE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  11. Is there any effects for a Background music, such as Fade In/out? Cause it's always SHOCK me When the Bigbox Starts...? Any Suggestions, PLEASE? Thanks in Advance!
  12. Hi... Can you help me finding those PS2 Theme in Download Section? I always seen all PS3/PS4 theme in Bigbox Themes Section.. And I can't Find the PS2 THEME in the selections Can you give me a Link to the THEME? Or help me with it? And please can you help me to setup the Theme? Thanks in Advance!
  13. Thank you Sir!! I found it! thank you for your suggestions!! The OBS recorder is the best RECORDER... It isn't LAG!!! THANK YOU!!!
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